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Post by Cognition on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:04 pm

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Basic power: Parasitic Possession: Shawn is able to inhabit the mind of another non-super human. While possessing them, he has access to their thoughts and memories, but has no control over their thoughts or actions. He is immune to hunger and thirst, and has no need to sleep as he is not using his own body, only his consciousness, and is able to manifest himself as a visual and auditory hallucination that can be seen only by his current host. While these hallucinations can be anywhere within that person's line of sight, since they are a hallucination, his perception is still confined to his host's perception, not the manifestation's. While possessing someone, he has no control over his own body, but he himself does not die if his body dies while he is possessing someone. If his host dies while he is possessing them, he dies with them. Similarly, he feels pain that his host feels. In order to possess a new host, he must first establish that he is attempting to change hosts, and then maintain line of sight with them for 25 seconds/one full post, and they must not be more than 15m away. This effect of transferring to a new host cannot be cancelled by Shawn.
First point: Exertion of Will: Once per thread, Shawn is able to exert his will over his host and gains complete control over them for one post. The host has little to no memory of what transpired during the time Shawn was in control. The number of posts he is able to control them increases by one with each point instead of doubling. He can only do this on mentally degraded hosts, and as such cannot do this the same thread as transferring to a new host. After exerting control over a host in such a way, he is completely silenced/suppressed for two posts afterwards.


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