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Ray Easel Plotter

Post by Ray Easel on Thu May 10, 2018 10:17 pm

Dolores Agony




Artist's Touch: Using his spray paint, Ray is able to draw symbols in various locations that have different effects. Ray must take a full post to create any symbol, and the opponent must make physical contact with the symbol for any effect to be activated. To start, Ray can only put down one symbol at a time, but when the opponent steps on it they receive a 50% reduction in their movement speed for three of their posts If the opponent steps on the symbol again, this effect is renewed.

1st Point Artist's Intuition: Ray gains access to a new glyph he can create. This one is small, about big enough to cover a doorknob. By creating two that line up, Ray is able to create an invisible tripwire. These glyphs can only be 6 feet (2 meters) apart at maximum distance. When it is passed through, Ray hears a warning sign in his head, signaling that someone has broken the line and warning him of possible dangers. Ray created this after being snuck up on by both Dolores, and the resident gang member of Jadetown.
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