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Sai Lent Plotter

Post by Silent on Mon May 14, 2018 9:08 pm

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Arsenal: Sai uses weapons from his personal armory to arm himself for battle. These weapons are an assortment of the weapons he's claimed or purchased over his criminal career. Every criminal starts small though, Sai begins his armory with only a 9 mm handgun and combat knife. Sai can only have one of these weapons equipped at a time, which must be mentioned in the first post Sai creates in a thread.

1st Point Weapon Holster: Sai has obtained an additional weapon holster, allowing him to carry two weapons in to a thread at a time. Both weapons must be identified in the first post.

2nd Point Silencer (Pistol): Realizing how important the element of surprise is, Sai picked up a silencer for his assortment of pistols, which allows him to make his movements and shots much more silent.

3rd Point AK-47:Continuing his criminal work, Sai has obtained an illegal AK-47 to use during his jobs. The weapon will surely be useful in his growing war against this crazy city.

4th Point Kevlar Weave - Tired of getting constantly shot up, Sai made an investment to line his various outfits with a Kevlar weave. Sai continues to be movable, but takes less damage from overall attacks due to the added protection.

5th Point Power - Silence Aura - Sai can create a field centered around himself with a radius of 2 meters. Anything inside the range of the aura cannot generate any form of sound. Anything leaving the aura can once again generate sound as normal. Any sound originating form outside the aura can still travel through and be heard inside the aura.

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