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Post by Vexation on Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:25 pm

Sai Lent (acknowledged as current Master)


Jet Timere



Basic Power: Due to her retraining, Mary is unable to use her powers unless given a direct order from someone she views as her master/superior. She is only able to have on master at a time, and this master must be another member (Jolly Labyrinth and Equilibrium are not eligible as they share the same author as Vexation) of the site or an admin approved NPC. Even when bound to a master, she can only use her powers when fulfilling an order given by them (meaning she cannot use these powers of her own volition). Once these conditions are met, Mary has super strength allowing her to lift up to 250lbs with ease and have twice the normal human reaction time.
Point Values: Strength: Lifting up to 500lbs
First Point: Removed need to receive a direct order every time to use her power; she can now use her powers if she deems fit.

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