Sinew Lovecraft/The Flesh Crafter

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Sinew Lovecraft/The Flesh Crafter

Post by Vexation on Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:02 am

"I will not let the world dictate what is right and wrong, for I know I am right and they are wrong!"

I am open to pretty much any thread at any point assuming I am not actively in one and have an excuse to be in the area(which shouldn't be hard for most things). PM me or JollyLabyrinth if you're interested in an RP as both are me!

Current Thread

Completed Threads
Puppets of Flesh
A Grave Introduction
The First Work of Art
So a Spider and an Entomologist Walk Into a Mad Scientist's Lab and...

Use his power, as that is the purpose of powers.
Show the world true knowledge and beauty.

Current Powers
Fleshcrafting: Able to create constructs from human remains. Creations are difficult to kill as a result of having no internal organs to damage or blood to bleed out, so they must be damaged to the point of immobility.
Unending Beauty: No cap on number of creations.
Do Not Fear Death: Can repair current creations, given time.
I Will Reshape You: Can create super creations from the remains of Superpowered people. CONDITIONS: 1. Super must be killed by Sinew or one of his creatures. 2. The power can only bear resemblance, not exact identity (i.e. if someone was a pyromancer, the creature would not have pyromancy as well, simply be able to breath fire) 3. The Super killed must be another player or a staff-controlled NPC
Artist's Imagination: Can create any shape/type of creature assuming he has the materials and imagination for it.

Confined to the Lab: Reanimations can only take place in pre-prepared locations. Reanimation takes 30 minutes for smaller creatures (1 human's flesh worth), increases for larger creations.
Perfectionist's Curse: Due to discarding imperfect flesh, it takes 2 human carcasses to create 1 human-sized creature. The largest creature he can make is 20 feet tall and takes eight humans to fashion.
Height of My Time: Points cannot be spent to level up and increase this ability's strength.
Limited Supplies: Can only create monsters proportional to the amount of flesh present.

Assimilation: Able to fuse with his creations to have direct control and share memories. Can currently only be used on creations up to half of a human size, and takes a significant mental toll on him.

Current Creations


Caramel: A six-legged creature with two faces merged into one at the head, aprox. 6.5 feet long. No notable combat capabilities. Fashioned from the remains of Sinew's parents.
Klaus, the Bringer of Gifts: A tall, headless creature with four eyes and an extra joint on each limb. Is very fast and quiet. Aprox. 6'5''. Used primarily for collecting corpses for future creations, but is able to slash and strangle.
Baskerville, the Great Hound: A misshapen hound fashioned from two people. Aprox the size of a Labrador retriever, is highly aggressive and protective of Sinew. Incredibly strong jaws, very fast, can smell blood from over a mile away.
Galileo, the Map Maker: A human skull with no lower jaw, 8 legs fashioned from ribs, and 24 eyes, giving it a 360 degree view at all times. It has no combat capabilities, and is used solely for surveillance. Is naturally a curious creature.


Charolette: A very large arachnid/centaur approximately the size of a van. Has highly thick skin, allowing it to take quite a bit of damage before even being slowed down, and can walk on almost any surface up to a ninety degree angle. Is fast for its size, but more notably strong and hard to kill or slow down.

Positive relations
Charon (?) (Muse)
Byron Kelvin (Desired Subject)
Arachna (Muse, leader of the Legion of Terror)
The Hive (Ally in the Legion of Terror; mostly ignored)

Negative Relations
Jeremy Flytende (Enemy/Grudge)

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