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Palm Perdu

Post by Palm Perdu on Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:01 am

General Information

Name: Palm Perdu
Alias: Miss Fantasy (Hero), Slight (Villian)
Age: Seventeen
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 164 cm (5'4")
Weight: 47 kg (107 lbs)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Evil :  Chaotic : Mean
Personality: Abrasive and Sarcastic are easily two words that come to Palm's own mind when describing herself. Yet these traits are barely noticeable due to Palm's own meek nature. She has it engraved in her mind to rarely open her mouth due to her past trauma but when she gets the chance most will be surprised at what the supposed meek bookworm can say.

Palm is attempting to get rid of her own shyness to no avail due to how rare human interaction is available to the high school dropout. She has a petty streak but unlike before she can now hurt the ones that wronged her. If there is one thing she takes pride in, it's her ability to never forget anyone that has wronged her. Of course, she can tell spite from mischievous.

She has a deep seeded hatred for heroes and society itself. Her mother sacrificed herself for the world yet they only latched out against her father. She seeks vengeance against what happended to her family and seeks to make supers the dominant race. She does not consider supers vastly superior, she just uses this as a goal to have after she has had her justice dealt.

Palm in a way is naive and she realizes that. Her emotions can clearly be read through her facial expressions. She lacks social skills that are necessary to gain teammates and Palm herself lacks the strength necessary to change the world. But what she lacks she compensates with the determination to destroy society.

Likes: Books, Salt & Vinegar Chips, Old Timey Movies,

Dislikes: Ketchup, Superheroes, Children, Bottled Cotton, Her Shy Behavior


I. Dreams

"Do you like it, honey?" Asked the man with a lopsided grin plastered onto his face. His hand was gripped tight around his partner in crime and life. Both their eyes shining with expectation looked down at the meek braided girl who, like her father, had the same lopsided grin. She gave a wordless reply in the form of a energetic nod. The child stood up and in a rush put on the gift her parents had given her. A superhero costume designed to match their own. That was when the idea of, 'I can actually become a hero', was implemented into the young Palm.

Palm immersed herself in books and the media. Day, after day, after day, she stared in awe as the cartoon heroes of justice won once again. She called the power couple in the cartoon, "Nundo" and "Juvena", the aliases of her parents. She aspired to be like them, to walk alongside them, and for them to be proud that their useless daughter did something.

"What are you doing on the playground, get lost book girl," said a black silhouette of a child. They surrounded her, faceless shadows with their voices full of mockery and contempt. Mud and sand assaulted her as the tears spilt from her eyes. She went to the river to escape those faceless shadows. She immersed herself into the fantasy world as she wept away the anguish.

"I'll show them. I'll become a hero with mommy and daddy and save the day with them. B-because the heroes always win," meekly mumbled the bookworm.

II. Anguish

Palm sat in her seat as the high school teacher lipped away. Her back ever so slightly sinking down into the seat underneath the pressure from those faceless shadows. No matter how many times she forced her eyes to stare at the book they always found themselves staring at the mocking shadows. They always picked on those who seemed frail and exposed. A description that suited Palm. They ruthlessly degraded her as she did everything she could to stop from weeping and trembling. Could the useless her really become a hero?

"In breaking news, the hero Juvena has been killed in action while the hero Nundo, her partner and husband, went on a rampage and killed the five assailants. Nundo is currently under police custody for the murders." Claimed a voice from beyond the whiteness of the world. Palm collapsed as she started blankly at the TV reporter stating lies. There was no way the heroes could be defeated. It was impossible. Yet Palm was wondering why she was crying,

"Hey, hey, did you hear that her father is being put in jail for murder."

"Ha, no wonder she seems more quiet than usual, I guess this is the fate of somebody as useless as her."

"You don't really have to talk that loud do you?"

"Of course, there is no problem since she already knows how useless she is,"
stated the shadow before the two burst into a fit of giggling. Palm hated it; that girl, the assailants, the racists, heroes and even herself. What could she do; absolutely nothing. Everyone was right when they said she was useless. Once again, she walked back home to an empty household. As she stepped inside she was greeted by the sound of the ringing house phone.

III. Reset

"We regret to inform you of the passing of Charles Perdu, who at Two A.M. last night was involved in a certain accident," the voice trailed on about the suicide of her father. It was all their fault, the world's, the heroes', the girls at school, the children on the playground. She meekly stood by as everything was snatched from her. She hung up as the world become bleak white.

"I hate it," mumbled the broken bookworm as she held the sharp object to her wrist. Nobody cared about her, or more accurately the world had taken away everything that cared about her. What else did she even have to live for anyway? Just as she was about to insert the object into her wrist something stopped her. A semi-transparent hand stopped her. Palm had finally gained 'something' that could care for her again. She embraced the hand that held the lightly blood stained knife and wept. She wouldn't be useless again she swore to herself.

"I'll destroy everything and build it anew," She whispered to her unseen friend.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Unseen Friend: Palm's power manifested into that of an invisible arm connected to her a few inches above the end of her tailbone. Unseen Friend manifested itself a month or so ago. It is rendered invisible even to technology such as thermal vision and cameras. It can stretch out to a length of five feet and expand it's human-like size till its palm is one foot long in diameter.

Despite being a manifestation of Palm's powers she has no control over it. It has a mind of it's own as it refuses to listen to any simple commands Palm gives it. It has times when things catch its attention and becomes distracted by said object. It also has a tendency to drag Palm around whether in battle or not. When fighting its and Palm's movement are uncoordinated to a fault. It will force Palm's body to move when it wants to attack. Which makes it drag Palm's body around like a ragdoll.

It has the durability of a normal arm and when attacked with enough pressure it will break. When the arm is attacked or smashed to pieces Palm can only feel the sensation of said pain like it was her own. However, the invisible arm can lift up to 250 pounds, making it remarkably stronger than Palm.
Palm Perdu

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Re: Palm Perdu

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:50 pm

Power breakdown time!!!

Unseen Friend
Single Extra Limb (1/2 Major)
Invisible Extra Limb (1/2 Major)
Enhanced Strength In Extra Limb (Major)
Extra Subtle (Cannot be seen through technological means either) (Minor)

Uncontrolled (1 Major)
Painful Feedback Only (Minor)

This power is pretty well balanced. I would know, I helped you balance it.

Anyhow everything checks out, so this absurdly shy but more absurdly evil little lass is:



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