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Post by Palm Perdu on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:21 pm

"What good is a power if you can't use it to get chips?"

If you have any ideas for a plot or thread don't be afraid to shoot it at me. I am a lover of comedy as I am of tragedy so yeah, let's do some plotting! *Played by Ghidus*

† : 'Maribelle the Ripper / The East Diamond Ripper': During the time span of roughly a month the body count in East Diamond suddenly spiked due to an unknown assailant. The bodies were smashed with broken bones in several places, their innards damaged and their necks snapped. No evidence was found on the bodies, no fingerprints, no skin tissue, etc. People can only say that a mysterious cloaked figure did this. She is known as Maribelle the Ripper to those who are aligned with Crimson Scar's gang.

Current Threads:
† : Whispering Shadows - Arachna

Inactive Threads:
† : None

† : Crimson Scar / Sam Guivine: A business partner that she met in East Diamond. She brought attention to herself which garnered his interest. After meeting and negotiating with him, she managed to become a hitman for him and his gang.

† : Huge Tie Boy / Agni Ken: Somebody she helped out due to the request of a business partner. She has taken an interest in his and her partner, Crimson Scar's relationship. She is also wondering why he wears a huge tie.

† : None

† : Good luck

† : Gather villainous teammates and preform more villainous deeds with them.
† : Destroy the world and society as we know it.
† : Make her invisible arm go get her some chips.

Unseen Friend:
Unseen Friend: Palm's power manifested into that of an invisible arm connected to her a few inches above the end of her tailbone. Unseen Friend manifested itself a month or so ago. It is rendered invisible even to technology such as thermal vision and cameras. It can stretch out to a length of ten feet and expand it's human-like size till its palm is two feet long in diameter.

Unlike before when it displayed intelligence like that of a beast it is now capable of thinking like a human. It can think about decisions and even take Palm's opinions into consideration instead of wildly lashing out at people when they show hostile intentions. It speaks to Palm through a one-way telepathic link but she has no access to such link and has to speak verbally for it to hear her.

It has the durability of a normal arm and when attacked with enough pressure it will break. When the arm is attacked or smashed to pieces Palm can only feel the sensation of said pain like it was her own. However, the invisible arm can lift up to 500 pounds, making it remarkably stronger than any human.

† : Unseen Friend [Baltizard von Reinhard IX]: An invisible arm with a mind of it's own. It refuses to get her any chips.

† : First Point: Sapience : The Arm is now capable of complex thoughts and understands human speech. It can communicate with a one-way mental link with Palm.
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