yuaito the snake queen (w.i.p)

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yuaito the snake queen (w.i.p)

Post by snake queen yuaito on Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:30 pm

General Information

Name: yuaito the snake queen
Alias: snake queen
Age: 15
Gender/Sex: hermaphrodite
Sexuality: homosexual
Height: 6'0 or 1.524
Weight:  118 or 53.5239 Kilograms

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Chaotic good
Personality: yuatio is a reformer not in the sense i'll send you to jail and hope the pension reforms you she takes a more um let's say hands on method of reforming others

Likes: List off 3, minimum.

Dislikes: Again, 3 minimum.

(Place your character's backstory here. Where were they born? Circumstances of birth? Why are they who they are? Anything significant happen in their past? The bare minimum I'll accept here is a single 3 sentence paragraph, nothing less. Amnesia is not an excuse to not have a background, if anything the background should be larger because something happened that caused them to have amnesia and we need to know this kind of thing.)

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: (If you are starting with a power, then simply put "Yes". If not, put "No". Not starting with a power will only put you slightly behind in power growth (but you get a Point super easily, so you can buy in after one short graded thread, basically).

Basic Power: (Replace the words "Basic Power" with the technical name of your starting power (Pyrokinesis, Lycanthropy, etc) and state the power's basic capabilities, limitations, and amounts. Make sure you've read up on the Basic Powers section of Part 2 - Characters and Powers in the Rules before you try your hand at this section, so you know what we're expecting from a basic power.
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