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Charon - Neal Crane

Post by Charon on Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:07 pm

If you'd like to RP with me just please send me a PM or speak with me in the chatbox. I'm a friendly guy and I'm just here to have some fun with writing. So, I'm certain that if we just talk we can come up with a thread that will be fun and beneficial for both characters Smile.

Current Threads

Completed Threads

Have as few people as possible discover that he has a power
Become as high as possible in The East District Mafia, if not replace them entirely

Arachna - A powered individual that Charon met when some of his men attempted to rob her. After stopping his men she made him an offer. By killing a nearby gang leader she was able to help grow Charon's reputation and power. While Charon still knows little about her he owes her a favor. Their alliance is young and currently uneasy.

Sam Guivine/The Crimson Scar - A powered individual and second in command of the widely known Diamonds Gang of East District. After Charon brutally murdered an enemy gang leader Sam's boss requested a meeting. Since then Charon and Sam have worked closely together, allowing the two to maintain a mutual respect for one another.

None of Importance


Nightmare Realm: By removing his mask to show his burned face, Charon is able to create a circle of paranoia around him. Measuring at about an 160 feet diameter, the field causes anyone besides Charon to feel a strong and sudden sense of paranoia. Charon mainly uses this to bully and interrogate others in order to gain information or desired items from them. Those affected are not able to explain or justify the paranoia, but it only leaves when Charon deactivates his power or they leave the Nightmare Realm. However, they can resist it if they know its an effect and will it away.

First Point: Fear Reading - By focusing on an individual with his eye, Charon is able to figure out what that person fears the most. Whether it's an idea of something physical Charon is able to learn what it is. As they say, knowledge is power. If target is aware of this ability, they can obscure the fear from him.

Second Point: Fear Conjuring After using "Fear Reading" Charon is able to take the idea of their fears and cast an illusion of it becoming reality. However, he is unable to force any sort of negative effects on the person other than fear. This technique is mainly used as a means to scare someone off of a fight, or for Charon to use for interrogation purposes. The illusions aren't real, so any attempts to harm them will disperse the illusion. Illusions are currently limited to affecting four senses at a time in any combination, non-harmfully.

Third Point: Peak Human Condition (New Power): Now capable of lifting 250 Lbs, running at 30 mph, taking multiple normal blows without wearing down, and have faster reaction time than most people. This is entirely without the aide of other powers he holds.

Fourth Point: Knife Master (New Power): Charon gains the use of fighting proficiently with a variety of knives, allowing him a knowledge base of knife fighting and having superior skill than anyone untrained. Chaorn specifically uses a Karambit.

Fifth Point: Nightmare Blast - Charon focuses his power on a single opponent. He lifts his arm and fires his fear energy at the enemy. To the enemy they are able to see a screaming skull moving towards them while covered in black smoke. Upon contact the enemy feels a blast of knock back combined with a sickening feeling in their stomach that lasts for two posts. This feeling causes them to enter into a physically weaker state as the enemy feels on the verge of puking. Anyone besides the enemy is unable to see the skull. The blast can knock a 200-pound man off of his feet. Charon must wait two posts after using the ability in order for the move to be used again.

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