Ash Bushikatagi

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Ash Bushikatagi

Post by Ash Bushikatagi on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:31 am

General Information

Name: Ash Bushikatagi
Alias:  The Demon of the East
Age:  31 years old
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality:  Bisexual
Height: 6' 3" or 1.905 meters
Weight: 139lb. or 63.04Kg.

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic, Mean
Personality: Ash is a cold hearted individual who often comes off as rude to others that happen to cross her path and because of this normally keeps to herself.  She travels mostly at night to limit being hindered by her blindness and to engage in her love of the moon.  Her thrust for battle and love of drinking often gets her into rough situations normally resulting in someone’s death.  She however will only fight in the honorary means of combat and would never strike down an unarmed opponent. However, when not in combat she can often be seen in secluded areas playing her flute and listening to the sounds of the world around her.

Likes: Classical/Folk Music, To Read, The Moon.

Dislikes: Dishonorable People, Lightweights, Racial Stereotyping .

Ash comes from a middle-class samurai family in the mountains of Gassho-zukuri. At a young age her father instructed her in the ways of the samurai to later make her the head of the family. Before long she became a master of the sword.  Just before her twenty-fifth birthday a war broke out in a nearby village and her family was called on to fight. Her father bestowed on her the task of protecting the villagers in his place. After the battle while playing her flute on a nearby hill a stranger approached her offering a sword as a gift as the villages appreciation for her bravery. She graciously accepted the gift and returned to her father.
Later that night after much celebration she could her a voice echoing from her room. After investigating the sounds, she came to realized that the voice was coming from the sword. She instinctively unsheathed the sword and was instantly blinded. Upon sheathing the sword, she collapsed and awoke in the morning to realize she is still blind. Over the course of several months Ash learned to fight in her newly blinded state until one night the sword once again began to speak to her. The sword states that inside resided a soul of a powerful spirit named Tetsugari, the demon spirit of the moon. In exchange for her cooperation he would become her eyes. All he asked in return is that she will kill anyone who dishonored the spirit of battle. She reluctantly agrees to his proposal and in the morning she sets off on her journey.
Five years later she has learned that the sword has been lying to her about who it has her murder. However, she has become so jaded that she no longer cares about this fact. She has become attached to the swords presence and the luxury of the sight it provides her. To the point to where she no longer perceives things as right or wrong only as the tasks yet to be completed. Today her travels have taken her to Ruby City because the sword now hungers for the blood of those possessing powers.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Tetsugari no Oni: Ash's sword allows her to capture the souls of those killed by it within the steal of the blade infusing the sword with more power. Currently the blades strength allows her to cut through steal as though it were bamboo. It also grants advanced sword mastery and supernatural reflexes. However, without the sword  unsheathed and in her hands she remains completely blind. Additionally, the sword has a mind of its own that has imprinted on hers so that if she disobeys it's will there will be unforeseen consequences.  This may includes losing control of her body temporarily (Two Posts/Until thread ends), uncontrollable nightmares/visions, suffering from severe headaches, or death.

Ash Bushikatagi

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Re: Ash Bushikatagi

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:11 pm

Hmmm... As a note worth mentioning, powers are supposed to be extentions of the characters themselves, not cursed magic blades or accidental demonic possessions or the like.

Thusly I'm gonna need a rewrite of the power at the very least, with a more organic power as an extension of the character themselves, rather than originating from a cursed blade. A simple example fix would be the self-originating power to steal the souls of the fallen and store them in any sword to enhance the blade.

My recommendation would simply be "Sword Proficiency" with Blind-Fighting (Accurate Hearing), with the downside of requiring a sword to be proficient with in hand to have any enhanced combat skills. (Ie. If your character is not holding a sword or sword equivalent, they don't have greater fighting skill than a normal person)

Either way, there isn't magic in this setting. All powers are metahuman by nature, no matter how magical they appear to be, and originate from the users.


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