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lost to be found [open]

Post by Nekobake on Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:17 pm

He was holding his breath. He just noticed it. It was for brief moments, seconds. He held it in unconsciously, and then let it out quickly, taking in more air and holding it in again. His only air passage was through his mouth; the nose was out of the question. He was sure that by now he would have gained a bit of color in his cheeks, and was glad to see the person sitting on the other side of the table getting up and fixing their suit. Nikolai followed.

The man paid for both their meals. Nik had barely touched his, and he even felt a bit guilty for it. Not enough to apologize though. The two of them silently walked to the entrance of the small restaurant, and stepped outside. The light of the streetlamps was brighter than the lighting inside the bustling restaurant; so much that it made Nik squint. He quietly watched the silhouette of the man walk away into the night. When it disappeared, Nikolai exhaled deeply. He was doing it again. Damned smoke.

Without giving a second thought to it, he leaned back on the wall next to the restaurant's entrance, his eyes turning to the night sky. As much as he liked good and easy money, he could not stand it when his employers picked such wretched places to meet in. What was so special about shady restaurants? Wouldn't a tea shop do instead? They would be safer in a tea shop anyway. Police didn't care to look in such places. He closed his eyes and frowned. Why am I even thinking about this? His head turned from the sky to the ground and he lightly massaged his temples.

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