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Sample Character Template

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General Information

Name: Flynt Burns
Alias: Torchling
Age: 15
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'8"/173 cm
Weight: 148 lbs/67 kg

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Chaotic ;; Good ;; Nice
Personality: Flynt is a raging inferno of good intentions, holding a boisterous attitude and always attempting to make the best of every situation. He's quite optimistic, believing that good things will happen in every bad situation, there's always a silver lining and whatnot. All in all, he's a pleasant guy to be around, given you're tolerant of above-average volume at all times. Yes, he's very loud, and likes to make his presence known. What he doesn't like, are rules trying to hold him down. Thusly, he would best get along with extroverted party hounds and introverted fans of over the top, and he would worst get along with folks akin to debate team captains and rules lawyers in tabletop games. He's always preferred having a good and fun time to having people slow everything down with their rules and restrictions, and while he does see the benefit of such limitations being in place, he would rather they not matter than they matter too much.

Likes: Parties, Photography, Cooking

Dislikes: Rules, Burning Smells, Winter

Flynt, unlike the vast majority of students coming in, was born in Ruby City, and eventually left sometime in grade school when his parents moved out to pursue careers out of town. He lived a normal middle class lifestyle, until his powers awakened in the last year, causing him to accidentally burn down a good section of his parents' house. Intent on making up for his mistake, even if it was harmless in the end, Flynt got himself transferred to his city of birth and moved in with his grandparents back in Ruby City, in order to attend Alabaster High School and at least gain control of his power.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Pyrokinesis: Flynt is capable of generating fire, and manipulating the fire he generates. He can only control the fire that he's generated himself, and can only maintain control within 10 meters (30 feet) of himself, but he can otherwise control an amount on par with a Tribal Bonfire.


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