Felicia Stone

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Felicia Stone

Post by Pyramidion on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:00 pm

General Information

Name: Felicia Stone
Alias: Medusa
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 21
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'8'' (172 cm.)
Weight: 120 lbs. (54.5 kg.)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Lawful Neutral Nice
Personality: Felicia is generally a kind, respectful, if somewhat reserved individual. She isn't shy, by any means, and is always willing and ready to speak her mind on matters, but she can be quite a pushover when it comes to her decision making skills. She's happy to follow others, doing what they tell her to or ask her to without much question. For the most part, she gets along with anyone just fine, at least in the sense that she doesn't butt heads with many people, though it's wholly possible that someone might not get along with her. Her passive, even sometimes bored attitude isn't exactly the most likable, and she can be rather abrasive when speaking her mind. The only kind of person she doesn't get along with is pretty much anyone who would abuse their power (superhuman or otherwise) for selfish purposes. Her favorite kind of person would easily be the person who could spark her interest in anything, make her actually get excited and giddy. As a result, she is drawn to adventurous, daredevil types, or particularly romantic people. She is, however, a fairly capable actor, and is able to take on just about any personality trait that she desires should the need arise.

(When posing, or trying on new clothes, she is fairly excitable and energetic, always seeming to have a smile on her face unless instructed to wear a different expression.)

Likes: Felicia likes trying on new outfits, and even cosplaying from time to time. She loves to cook for friends and family, and is actually surprisingly good at it for her age. Felicia also enjoys modeling for people, posing and letting them take pictures, or even draw her, leading to her choice of occupation. She also likes jokes quite a lot, and is very fond of anyone who can make her laugh.

Dislikes: Vegetables of almost kind disgust Felicia, leaving a bitter, almost bile-like taste in her mouth as she describes it. Felicia also dislikes most forms of candy, excluding caramels and dark chocolate. She despises reading, often loathe to read more than a few words on the occasional road sign, and in the event of needing to read a book or a large block of text she simply seeks someone out to read it to her. (The truth is, she's actually dyslexic, and it's very difficult for her to read anything at all.)

Felicia was born in North Sapphire to an absurdly rich family, the Stone family. The Stone family was known for a vast business empire, having their hands in nearly everything you could think of, at least in the form of small shareholdings in things like boat manufacturers. They were also notably philanthropists, donating regularly to many orphanages, superhero programs, and homeless shelters. Finally, the Stone family is known for a few companies that they are majority owners of, including an amazingly popular Fashion/Modeling company called 'The Edge', a game design company called 'Armageddon Software', and an arms manufacturer by the name of 'Atlantis Arms'.

Throughout her life, she was given almost anything she wanted, while simultaneously forced to take lessons in cooking and dancing, playing music, as well as scholastic things like history and maths. The homeschooling was so near endless that, despite being given most anything she wanted, she never had time to really enjoy these things, causing her to be somewhat passive, learning to enjoy the things she was taught instead. She took a particular liking to her cooking lessons, and very much liked to dress up in various outfits. These behaviors were encouraged openly by her family, who were in reality 'training' her to become more like a traditional housewife.

She was already 12 by the time she finally grew to understand what all the lessons were about, and why she was taught things like posture and obedience, but by that time she had already had most of her oppositional attitude driven out of her, so she merely accepted it, if begrudgingly. When she was almost 14, she was informed that she would be forced into marriage at the age of 14 with a strapping young boy from another rich family, as a sort of merging of the families fortunes. It was the sort of thing she'd only heard about in old books, or movies about medieval times. She wasn't surprised, though. In fact, it really just made sense by this point in her life.

Unfortunately for her family's carefully laid plan, when she turned 14 she developed the ability to turn anyone that touched her into stone. Even if the stone transformation was only partial, it was quite irreversible and uncontrollable. In fact, vexingly, Felicia was entirely incapable of turning off this ability, basically ruining her as a prospective wife. This put a bad taste in the other family's mouth, and they called off the marriage at their son's request. After that, Felicia fell into a depression, feeling like her family would no longer love her, now that she was useless in terms of what they had been training her for since birth.

To her surprise, though, her family embraced her, metaphorically of course, accepting her powers and the fact that the rival family no longer wanted to her. They were totally fine with her 'failure', and began to let her live a more control-free life, still spoiling her and letting her have anything she wanted, but dropping all the schooling except for the classes she had grown a liking to. Through all the support, though, they still made sure to balance her diet for her very carefully, making sure she maintained her figure, secretly hoping that the whole powers thing would pass, or at least become more controllable.

At around the age of 15, she began to push her father to allow her to appear in the magazines that one of his companies, 'The Edge', frequently published. Her father was hesitant at first, but when she offered to work for little to no cost, he quickly accepted, knowing that she had the right proportions and weight to make it in the industry, as well as the level of attractiveness and passive acceptance of demands or requests that was also frequently necessary. She began modeling almost right away, and actually became a bit of a celebrity,  with a fairly large, though fairly creepy, fan base.

By the time she turned 18, though, she was already growing bored of her life as it was. She enjoyed modeling, when she actually got to do shoots, but home life and work life had been growing increasingly dull, and as she developed more and grew physically, the requests at work began growing as well, and with the increased workload, came increased public awareness, and with that came increasingly scary demands on the street and increasingly disturbing letters in the mail. At the age of 21, she had finally had enough of the industry, deciding to retire early and begging her father to let her join SAFE classes and become a hero, instead.

Seeing her new interest as a potential way for her to learn to control her ability so that she could, again, be the wife that she had been raised to be, her father was immediately supportive. Soon, she was accepted in Alexandria High, on the restriction that she would be supervised during normal school hours due to her age, and the understanding that she may take normal classes if she wished, but would only be expected to partake in SAFE and related courses.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Petrifying Touch: Felicia turns living creatures into stone by touching them directly. This only counts direct contact, as clothing or armor will get in the way. However, if she touches anything that is inherently part of the person, such as a blade that they extend from their arm, it will also turn to stone. This transformation only works on 1.5 cubic feet of material at a time, centered on the location that she touches, and she cannot turn the ability off. She is immune to her own power.


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Re: Felicia Stone

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:05 am

Power Breakdown Time!!!

Petrifying Touch
Turn living creatures into stone (Broad to Single Transformation) (Major)

Cannot turn off the ability. (Major)

Theres only one real problem and that is that the stated amount is tremendous for a basic transformation ability, even with a major drawback. This is because you're attempting to use volume instead of mass and converting incorrectly, as I have not listed such conversions.

The basic amount would be 1.5 lbs of material, which would double up thanks to the major drawback (by default) to 3 lbs of material. If you are absolutely unwilling to use mass for this effect for whatever reason, the converted volume is 1/32 of a cubic foot (~30 fluid ounces//54 cubic inches) and 1/16 of a cubic foot (~60 fl. oz//108 cubic inches) respectively. You should note that cubic feet are huge, a small fraction of one is enough to turn a whole limb to stone with no problems.

Your immunity to your own effect would normally warrant a minor upside, but it's really really important for this character to have it lest they accidentally kill themselves by rubbing their eyes or something, so I'm willing to let you have it with no further warranting downsides.

Though I must ask, are you really cool with having this overwhelming of a power? Like, there would be next to no challenge for this character in the field of combat short of tremendously well prepared and dedicated people in full hazmat suits with guns, and accidental use of the power would probably label this character as a danger to society. No character on the site currently holds a candle to this power, and she can kill them on accident with no ability to turn it back. I'm not going to deny you having the power outright, I'm only warning you that it will be boring, and this kind of power will likely scare people from RPing with you.

If so... Change your amount and I'll nitpick some of other stuff or approve you.


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