Volume 0 - A Brief History Of Super Powers

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Volume 0 - A Brief History Of Super Powers

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:19 pm

It all started a hundred years ago...

The first Power Holder was born... an orphan by blood, rescued from hostile conditions three years into his life. By the time he was old enough to take care of himself, his Power had awakened. He was not good, but all things considered, he wasn't as evil as he could have been. "Blackout" was his moniker, and it all started with him, when he finally snapped.

Society wasn't prepared for the sudden lightning bolt which blacked out an entire state's circumfrence. What started as the power to activate electronics remotely turned into a power to be feared, and when people didn't fear him, instead treating him like garbage, he decided they've had enough luxuries. The first impression of Power Holders was not a good one, Blackout was a world reknown terrorist, and before the world knew it, there was next to nothing they could do to stop him. All the war machines they had, all the power they held, all paled in comparison to an orphan with anger issues.

If it weren't for the second Power Holder, it would have been over. The second Power Holder used the moniker "Beacon", and their power began as being able to glow in the dark. When they faced down Blackout, they were capable of manipulating light into an array of shapes and purposes, even becoming light themselves. They took their battle to the Sahara Desert in a flash, and the aftermath left a scar across the land called "Hell's Rip", a fissure so deep left in their wake that they say you could hear the Devil laughing.

Beacon won the fight... Showing that there was potential to be a hero. Not all Power Holders were bad. That didn't quite settle everyone down, especially not when Power Holders across the world began sprouting up. Year after year they nearly doubled in numbers, an exponential growth unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Then, fifty years ago... Beacon perished in battle with a powerful foe, Darksign, his opposite, using some mystical "Black Light" which revealed all things to him and turned him wicked. This man became the rally cry for the dejected and lost, the power hungry and greedy. The world began to collapse from the sudden superpowered crime rate increase. When all was lost, a single man, no powers or anything asides a fortune he wouldn't need, revealed his master plan.

He would appear in a worldwide broadcast, revealing the Second Hero. A young lady who was a Power Holder, orphaned when she was young and adopted by a wealthy man who'd lost his wife. While this man couldn't have known she was a Power Holder, when she revealed it he knew what his duty was. Instead of fearing Power Holders, instead of allowing their talent to stagnate or bloom in the dark, he figured out that it would be better to raise them right and promote their use for good.

He revealed his daughter... not the Second Hero... but the First Superhero. She went by Belladonna, and her power started as the ability to make flowers bloom by touching them. When she was revealed, she was a master of all things plantlife, be they living or dead plants. Upon her introduction she was assailed by numerous corrupt Power Holders, but none of them could compare to her practiced, fully blooming powers. Within an instant they were toppled, coated in petals and grass, too confused to question what happened, too tired to get up.

Belladonna defeated Darksign in battle the following day after a publicly declared challenge on international television. Her flowers could photosynthesize and grow stronger from any light. Even Black Light. It was the most crippling blow to worldwide villain morale in history.

After this resounding success in stabilizing the world order, Belladonna skyrocketed to become the new beacon of hope for the world, and supporting her was the newly built "Superhero Foundation", as her father dubbed it. The most wealthy individuals in the world joined in on the phenomenon, and within a few years, the Superhero Foundation and its "Superpower Applications For Everyone" Program, known casually as The SAFE Program, became a worldwide success.

In the modern day, this Foundation has shaped how the world views Power Holders. Nowhere else in the world is this as well known and celebrated as it is in Ruby City. Only 40 years ago, the Superhero Foundation made its United States Headquarters in this marvelous city, which has expanded to be larger than life. Thanks to its location, Superhero Foundation has turned Ruby City into a mecca for superhero fans and culture, as well as would-be superheros from around the world.

With the founding of Alabaster High School, which expanded proportionally with the city, the town became one of the first places where the SAFE Program showed how much potential it really had. Within the last 20 years, especially, when people really started to finally understand Power Holders and the unique nature of their powers. A number of A-Class Heros are from Alabaster High, and a number of them decided to teach the future generation of Superheros with their experience and knowledge in the field of how to be a hero.

More recently than this though, in the last few years, there were a small handful of people who took advantage of these highly educational courses, using them to rapidly gain power and wit, and then used the power for evil. This lead to the incidental creation of Supervillains, who poise to cause havok at all times they can manage, diametrically opposing themselves to the Superhero Foundation for a variety of reasons. With the playing field becoming more and more evened, once again, Light seems to be facing off against Darkness, eye too eye.

What will become of the world?


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