Lauren Riversong [Plotter/Tracker]

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Lauren Riversong [Plotter/Tracker]

Post by Riversong on Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:56 am

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Lauren is a tomboyish young lady who moved into Ruby City a couple years ago when her brothers, now known as C-Class Superheros Sonido and Reverb, unlocked their Basic Powers. She's recently discovered her own powers, a Talent Power for Guitars and guitar-type instruments! Her power isn't impressive, so she's not looking to aim super high in her brothers' career field. She just wants to complete High School and make some lifelong friends along the way.

PM me if you're looking for a thread (Accounts: Riversong or Admin), or contact me on my chatango account: Judge A.

Make a friend!
Attend a cool social event.
Watch TV.
Play a cool tune on her guitar.
Make Another Friend!
Make an Enemy(?)
Analyze a complicated fandom until she understands it better than the writer.

None that aren't NPCs

Jack Riversong - Older Brother - Known as "Sonido" he's a C-Class Sound Manipulation Superhero. He's known for taking out local gang activity in less criminally active areas. He occasionally tutors sound-based power holders in SAFE Courses. He is twins with Kaine.

Kaine Riversong - Older Brother - Known as "Reverb" he's a C-Class Sound Manipulation Superhero. He's more famous for dealing with bank robberies and petty theft. He likes to do street sweeps regularly. He can fly quickly using acoustic resonance, and carry things. He's twins with Jack.

None As of Yet

Active Threads

Completed Threads

Power Tracker
Guitar Intuition: She can play any guitar-like instrument, including Guitars, Banjos, Ukuleles, Mandolins, Sitars, and other stuff of the sort without any prior practice.. She can also keep them tuned and repaired, and understands their structure intuitively.

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