Lauren Riversong

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Lauren Riversong

Post by Riversong on Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:51 pm

General Information

Name: Lauren Riversong
Alias: Calypso (If Ever)
Age: 15
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Good, Neutral, Nice
Personality: Lauren is a pretty much all-around decent young lady. She tries not to start drama to the best of her abilities, but at the same time, holds a great deal of opinionatedness in her. She's great with reading the atmosphere, and doesn't try too hard to make people like her. The young lady likes to keep it real with people, and dislikes situations where she's obligated to act like someone she isn't. Thusly, she's not a huge fan of people who don't like her for whatever reason, because she doesn't feel any obligation to impress them. If she can change their minds without changing herself, that's a different story, but she's not about the life where she fixes a mistake by playing the role of someone who apologizes for who she is and what she likes.

In any respect, Lauren will power through most social situations without any problems, because she's a good person, and doesn't rub anyone the wrong way in her nature. She's peaceful, but not preachy, she's knowledgeable, but not a know-it-all, and she's funny, but she's not a class clown. She doesn't blow any of her social traits out of proportion like some others might, and doesn't seek attention very often. She does seek it sometimes, mostly when she's bored. Altogether, she likes to think that she has realistic expectations of any situation, and likes when those expectations are met. When things go swimmingly she feels at ease.

She is a comfort seeker, and doesn't really dress to impress, or go through great lengths to make herself appear better. She may occasionally touch up with some masquera or eyeliner, but altogether she goes for a more tomboyish look, since it's comfortable, and requires the least maintenance of all the looks. Lauren would be even more comfy if she could get away with looking like she just got out of bed all the time, but not even most boys can do that.

The people she is most likely to get along with are people who like to chill out and watch TV instead of going out partying, the kind of people who have fandoms they like to share rather than talking about celebrities. Lauren likes series's with considerable nostalgic appeal, and thusly gravitates towards things that totally alter how she thinks about simple things, and things that would require 'showing it to people' to properly explain, things she could watch or read or listen to multiple times and never sicken of it. Thusly she tends to get really passionate about such subjects and analyzing them to the point of having it down to a science. People who can share that kind of mindset are the kind of people she could really get to know.

Likes: True Nostalgia, Alternative Music, Chocolate

Dislikes: "Fake" People, Most Modern Pop, Vanilla

There isn't a whole lot one can say about Lauren's past, since she was born and raise close to the countryside. She was always around boys, having 2 older brothers, Jack and Kaine Riversong. The young lady grew used to the general legitimacy of personality of males, and never really got into the whole 'staying in her head' kind of thing. She learned to not overthink things, always surrounded by people who didn't try to ruin each other socially. Everyone was pretty tight knit where she grew up.

She moved to Ruby City with the rest of when her older brothers (who were twins) developed powers a few years back. They were Sonic Controllers who could alter the volume of their voice and manipulate the direction of any sound they could hear respectively. They went on to be a dynamic duo in the heroing business, a pair of C-Class Superheros. Lauren did develop a power last year, but she only recently discovered them. Even then, she doesn't exactly realize it's a power, but she did figure out that she can play the guitar intuitively, and on a professional level. The way she figures it... It's something.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Guitar Intuition: Lauren is capable of playing the guitar on a professional level intuitively, without having any practice in her past. She owns an acoustic guitar, and can keep it tuned and repair it with the appropriate supply, and play it perfectly in any mannerism or style she can imagine with minimal time to practice if any. She can also play any guitar-type instrument she is given, ranging from bass guitar, to electric guitar, to the elusive Sitar, and yes, even banjos. This does not yet extend to other forms of instruments, not even stringed ones like the Violin or Cello. Unless she's playing them like a guitar.


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Re: Lauren Riversong

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As a second character for myself, I deem this character...



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