Part 4 - The Setting -- Laws and Norms

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Part 4 - The Setting -- Laws and Norms Empty Part 4 - The Setting -- Laws and Norms

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The Superhero Foundation

-The Superhero Foundation is a privatized albeit huge organization of the most immensely wealthy and concerned citizens in the top 1% of the world. This Foundation has many branches around the First World and is deemed to be the primary resource for Super Employment opportunity in the world. From a Legal Perspective, each branch is its own business, and they are considered a non-profit organization that accepts donations for the preservation of the world. It is unlikely that a Superhero would even remotely need to consider finding a job elsewhere, but doing so would be pointless as they would be considered a privately funded vigilante and money wouldn't roll in no matter how powerful they were.

-The Superhero Foundation has a 3-Rule Mandate, which sets the guidelines to how Superheros are supposed to operate.
--Rule 1: A Hero Will Protect The Civilians, Without Using Excessive Force.
---This rule will be gone over more in a bit, but in a nutshell, it states that heroes of the Superhero Foundation must be first responders to any illegal activity nearby, and not cause comparative harm in doing so.
--Rule 2: A Hero Will Refuse Evil Wherever They Can.
---This rule is the Superhero Foundation's non-negotiation policy, where anything short of the ensured safety of innocents and surrender to the full reach of the law is considered negotiating and should be turned down. Of course, this doesn't mean a hero isn't allowed to pretend to be accepting terms of a villain in order to take them down.
--Rule 3: A Hero Will Remain a Guiding Light To The Future of Heroics, Regardless of Personal Circumstance.
---This rule explicitly disallows Heroes from negatively influencing the future generations. In order to abide this rule, a Hero should avoid camera time and press if they are beaten up, wearing tattered clothing beyond acceptable limits, or in a generally poor mood. This is to maintain the guise of a hero who will protect the citizens effortlessly, and inspire future holders of Powers to become heroes.

The Hero Classes

-The Superhero Foundation divides its street-sweeping employees into several "Classes" of Hero, with the Weakest and Lowest Paid being D-Class, and the Strongest and Highest Paid being A-Class. These classes determine everything about how a hero is expected to perform and live their life. Supervillains are not given letter ranks, even to determine threat level, as this would glorify villains, which is the opposite of what the Superhero Foundation wants.

--D-Class: The weakest class of Hero the Superhero Foundation will hire, considered to be their "Hired Vigilantes" who target petty crimes like purse-snatchers and back-alley muggers, as well as occasional gang activity. They are expected to have a sufficient grip on their power to not harm civilians when dealing with street-level threats, which essentially amounts to knowing when, where, and how to use one's powers more than actually being able to control it. A D-Class Hero is paid by the turn-ins, and thusly they can make anywhere from less than a minimum wage job, to solid middle class depending on how bad crime is and how good they are at stopping it. A good many heroes coast at this point in order to make money more leisurely, and try and live a normal life otherwise, with a real job that pays them for real work.

--C-Class: The class deemed "The Patrolmen" due to their great balance of Street-Level Delicacy and City-Level Capability. where they can handle a street-level threat like a mugging without being deemed excessive force, but can also take down an organized crime syndicate without too many issues. This class of Hero is in the most danger of losing their job at the drop of a hat, wherein they must now meet a Criminal Quota every two weeks in order to maintain their job. So long as they do this, they are making a solid upper middle class salary, which can pay their bills as well as their luxuries. This class is also known for taking on Sidekicks in the D-Class and paying them by commission, and taking credit for their crime-stopping as well, in order to maintain their job and provide them both a more stable income.

--B-Class: This is the point where a Hero is legally disallowed from being a first-responder to Street-Level crimes, and are expected to focus on City-Level Threats, and even threats to the National-Security of their Country of operation. They are considered to be "Like pulling out a bazooka on a purse-snatcher", which for many is very apt, though for some it's just vexing. This means that they aren't allowed to respond first to anything that doesn't directly threaten the well-being of the whole city they are in, but typically they aren't in trouble unless they are seen using their powers to do so. They can also respond if a mugger beats up the first responder, as long as they can guarantee they won't cause further embarrassment to the Superhero Foundation. They are paid a Salary and are not expected to meet any quotas so long as they make sure to attend mandatory events, and respond to City-Level and National-Level threats whenever they can. Essentially this means they can sit back and relax until the big guys come out to play or the old men up top want to throw a company picnic, and rake in a great deal of money while doing so.

--A-Class: This is the point where a given Hero is considered a Legend, and has basically lost all right to a private life unless they can forcefully take one for themselves legally. Close to nothing about their powers is unknown unless they've kept it secret for their entire career, and they are feared and respected in equal measure. They are no longer allowed to respond to even City-Level threats like Crime Syndicates and Scientific Kaijuu without being called in as backup. And if one of the people at this level were to take down a purse-snatcher, it would be considered the same as unleashing a nuclear warhead upon a single individual, basically an act of terrorism. So now they are basically only on call to take down high-level threats to National Security, and when it occurs, threats to the entire world. These are the people who can stop world wars, repel worldwide alien invasions, and are the best and brightest in the world. To live at this level would likely be thrilling, if not entirely disconnecting, but all anyone else will know is that an A-Class Superhero Foundation Employee is making copious amounts of money, and earned every penny of it.

Superpower Applications For Everyone (SAFE Classes)

-Superpower Applications For Everyone (SAFE) is a program sponsored by the Superhero Foundation, which is designed as a mandatory extracurricular activity held after school for the benefit of young men and women who hold powers, and the non-Powered people they surround themselves with. SAFE is just as much the first layer of protection against Superpowered crime as it is a recruitment drive for the Superhero Foundation.

-Every Power-holding Student is required to attend at least the very first day each year, so they can show their powers to everyone, and assign themselves into a group. After this, they are not required to show up at any point, with the understanding that they are weakening their team's standings.

-SAFE Spends each year ranking the students by performance, heroic attitude, grades in school, advancement of power, and whatnot. Top ranking groups get college credits and scholarships to whatever college they wish to go, with those in First Place at the end of the year earning a Full-Ride Scholarship to the most prestigious and well-rated Superhero Foundation Academy, with a straight course to becoming Superhero Legends themselves.

-SAFE is taught and run by B-Class Superheroes hired by the Superhero Foundation, though some Power Theory majors teach classes. In Ruby City's Alabaster High School, there is a small handful of A-Class Heroes who teach their SAFE Courses. The mere thought of being taught by an A-Class Hero drives hordes of people to migrate to Ruby City, which of course, led to Alabaster High School swelling up so huge.

The Three Faces of Evolution City

-Evolution City is not strictly all about gaining power and growing to become a borderline god among men and fighting for the valor of good. While this is clearly an option, there are numerous other ways to experience the site, and you are certainly not limited to just one.

-The First Face of Evolution City is the one that deeply pervades the Rules. It is the face of the heroics and villainry, the start from the bottom to reach the tops of the charts, scaling upwards. This is the side which hogs all the glory, requires the most eyes on it. Evolution City was primarily designed to accomadate the climb to power, an "Evolutionary Roleplay Experience" where "the power to turn on electronic devices" could become something far far greater with effort and determination.

-The Second Face of Evolution City is the face of a world where superpowers are real, and not even uncommon. It's a world where your neighbor and coworkers could have these cool little quirky powers that make day to day life interesting. Certainly they've proven to be a threat before, but only because of accidents and people with bad intentions, and the good intentions of the world have made such Power Holders welcome in society. It is an "Urban Fantasy Roleplay Experience" where breathing fire is as much a talent as being double jointed or a good vocalist. In this respect one could easily settle down and minimize the heroics, and instead, relax and build upon the atmosphere of the world. Just because you could aim high doesn't mean life in a world of superpowers is all about throwing cars at local monsters and fending off alien invasions. It's about people, and their trials to become accepted.

-The Third Face of Evolution City is a more grim tale, it's the face of how the underworld would be altered by the presence of superpowers. Organized Crime, Assassins, Hired Guns, Terrorism, the world isn't all about the good, quirky, and fun. It's also not always about the over-the-top battle of good versus evil as depicted in media. Even at basic levels, a power can become a tool to hurt, take advantage of, and ruin lives. Just the same, there are still people who would hate and attack power holders just because they have a small power. The third face of Evolution City is a "Gritty Supernatural Roleplay Experience" where hate, selfishness, and sociopathy set the atmosphere for a tale of gritty realism in a world of otherwise high-flying adventures. Even if you close your eyes and think happy thoughts, it won't change that people suffer for the worst reasons. Some people like to explore this reality.


-On this site Money and Wealth is entirely a flavor thing, and we don't expect every character to follow the monetary trends that are seen listed here. It is perfectly understandable if a D-Class Hero was born into Old Money, and happens to be richer than an A-Class Hero. Obviously though, not everyone is a born or self-made millionaire, so we don't want to see a huge number of these.

-Hero Classes are determined by Staff, and there are no other things that determine it. If you are powerful enough to be a certain Class you are given the go-ahead to apply for the Class, or forced to take the promotion on account of being too powerful for the class you're at. You may be demoted as well if you're not as powerful as the staff had initially estimated, though that event is less likely than receiving a handwritten letter to "do better or be terminated."

-There is a huge population who remain stubbornly racist against Power-holders and will go out of their way to cause Superheros problems, not excluding exhaustively plotted plans to ruin their career or get them arrested. Typically, each Hero has a following of fans who keep them up to date on problems like that, but sometimes they're gotten.

-The world is not at peace because of Power Holders, they are not united against anything or anyone in particular. While Superheros act on behalf of nobody, there are a number of countries who would deem Heroic activities acts of terrorism, and attempt to gain compensation or favor from countries, or go to war. This makes it important to pick battles when looking at criminal activity in other countries (especially Third World ones), since the entire order would shatter if the Superhero Foundation ran out of money, or were the sole reason for another World War.


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