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Post by Shun Shinobu on Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:28 am

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General Information

Name: Shun Shinobu
Alias: Kaze (Wind)
Age: 17
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Hetersexual/Bicurious
Height: 61.2 in. (5 ft. 1 in.)
Weight: 49 kg. (108.027 lbs.)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Everyday: Shun is typically noted to be a moody person, often at times being reserved and docile as she tends to be a loner most of the time, and often she can suddenly release bursts of energy and be more rambunctious. She tends to do this at random times which can often lead to interesting conversations or interactions with people, Shun has also been noted to suffer from depression if her feelings are hurt, she will shut down all emotion which results in a docile but rebellious tone. If bugged about something she wishes to hide, Shun will often at times snap and yell at whoever has agitated her, she tends to have a simple mindset of keeping her head down and out of trouble; but tends to do the right thing. Despite her simple mindset, Shun is a very intelligent person who is also very attentive; she often at times focuses on little details about anything, and will often keep memos on anyone or thing she comes across.

Confrontation/Combat: If a conflict is initiated for Shun, she will typically try to avoid it unless she knows she can win, however, if another person is in danger she will risk everything to help them. She is typically talkative and always speaking, doing so to distract her foes and gain an upper hand on them, however, if she is pushed will become cold and ruthless. Becoming an Ice Devil of sorts as she will intentionally inflict maiming wounds to people who try to run, causing grievous damage to their body and mind. Show no emotion while she makes them suffer for angering her and pushing her into such a state of mind, usually she will apologize to those who she scared after dealing with the trash before her.

Likes: Food | Training | Singing

Dislikes: Starving | Evil | Bullies

(Place your character's backstory here. Where were they born? Circumstances of birth? Why are they who they are? Anything significant happen in their past? The bare minimum I'll accept here is a single 3 sentence paragraph, nothing less. Amnesia is not an excuse to not have a background, if anything the background should be larger because something happened that caused them to have amnesia and we need to know this kind of thing.)

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes.

Flow Trigger [Energy Alteration & Manipulation]: To put into simple terms, Shun is able to see energy fields, currents and zones around her, not only can she see them, but is able to interact with them and alter them to her liking. Typically this is done through simple hand gestures and thought processes, and once done so, alter the flow of energy around her and manifest it into the physical word using physical constructs. So far this is all she can do, but the potential she holds is unknown, at its peak she can control the flow of energy around her entirely, forming objects to fight with and for her. Move at accelerated speeds by altering her own flow of energy, forming blades of energy to extend her weapons reach and devastation or even altering her appearance to grant a boost in all fields of combat for a short period of time. However; as it stands, all she can do is manifest her signature Katana, the Ao no Ketsueki (Blood of the Blue).
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