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Every Angel is Terrifying

Guide, Teacher, Friend, are common words used to describe Gabe Mikhailov. A respectable teacher and friend, though he's not really ever reached into the depths of his powers, his return to Ruby City has him starting to reach deep within and see exactly what gifts he was blessed with.

It's best to stay out of the way of an Avenging Angel...

Current Thread(s)
SAFE-haven streets


Uplift Future Heroes
Support Current Heroes
Console Previous Heroes

Power and Abilities

Looks Impressive AF
Wind Creation
Feather Fall

Unable to hide Wings.


Currently N/a

Past Threads



Power Plotter
Can Create Wind up to 20MPH

Acquired Powers


Future Powers

Flight(Wind Speed Doubled)
Gabe can now fly with his wings, supernaturally, using his wing to lift him. He can only fly as fast as the wind speed he can generate

Flaming Sword
Any blade or sword Gabe holds in his hands bursts into righteous flames. The flames are level 5, and can ignite flammable materials but otherwise stay on the blade.

Silver Wings(Wind Speed Doubled)
Gabe's wings are now as tough as rolled steel armor, though their other attributes haven't changed.

Halo(Wind Speed Doubled)
When Gabe speaks, everyone no matter their language can understand him, he can influence peoples emotions positively(Encourage) or negatively(Fear). The Halo casts a soft white light for thirty meters.

Angelic Touch(Wind Speed Doubled)
Gabe's touch has healing properties, closing wounds and having a localized anesthetic effect.

A light can shine from Gabe's body and Wings, filling the area with bright blinding light. The effects of his Flaming Sword, Halo, and Wind Speed double for a short duration.

Sword Mastery
Gabe has studied the art of sword use from his travels around the world, from the East to West and combined those styles into his own Unique sword style.

Angelic Body(Wind Speed Doubled)
Gabe's body is at the height of human conditioning, he is as strong, fast, reflexive, steadfast, perceptive as the highest honed Olympic gold medalists.


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