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Victor Nihilus

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Victor Nihilus Empty Victor Nihilus

Post by Dranous on Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:29 pm

Victor Nihilus Angra410

General Information

Name: Victor Nihilus
Alias: The Worst, Zero
Age: 23
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’8” (173 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Chaotic ;; Evil ;; Nice
Personality: Victors outward appearance is rather upbeat.  It’s rare to see him without a smile adorning his face.  However, closer inspection would reveal a lack of sincerity.  His smile is not a facade, as he is genuine, but he is not a happy person.  At his very core is simply hatred.  Hatred for the world and its people.  Despite this, it rarely ever shows in his mannerisms.  However, he will readily talk about his hatred and devious deeds with the same smile he talks about the weather with.

Likes: Tasty food, a good conversation, peace and quiet

Dislikes: People, animals, plants, rocks, anything in the world he will hate at his core, but mostly himself

An unwanted being, hated by the world and everything in it.  No one needs him, and no one wants him.  Truely, the most pitiful of existences.  Abandoned at birth without even a name.  He miraculously survived three days in the eastern Ruby Central back alley he was left in before being discovered and sent to an orphanage.  Because of his mysterious survival, the head of the orphanage dubbed him the name Victor.  Growing up, he was always a quiet but helpful kid, willingly assisting the caretakers when they needed help.  However, he was also an easy target for bullying.  

Being the quiet type, he never made any friends, and many of the other kids would pick on him.  Over time, the bullying escalated to more physical confrontations.  They told him they would stop if he pulled a prank on the caretakers.  This repeated over time, and he slowly lost his good reputation with them and was instead now known as a troublemaker.  There were also times when he tried to stand up for himself, but as he was physically weaker than everyone else he just ended up getting him hurt even worse.  When he would try to inform the caretakers of his predicament, they wouldn’t believe him.  He had lost all of their trust from the pranks he was coerced into pulling.  

He made it to age fourteen without even being considered for adoption by any of the parents.  At that time, during the night, he began crying out in pain.  Azure markings began swirling over his entire body, burning themselves into him.  His hair followed suit.  The caretakers burst into his room, and the other children were surely awoken by this.  His appearance began shuttering, almost disappearing from view, before he seemed to fall through the bead and even the floor.  He was discovered on the ground floor, directly below his bedroom, unconscious.  His new appearance didn’t help his situation, and even the younger kids would relentlessly torment him.  

Over time he got so used to the treatment that he grew numb to it.  He became more outspoken, and smiled more often, but that smile held no happiness in it.  Being bullied was completely normal.  It would be weird if he wasn’t, is what he thought.  With the awakening of his power, Victor was sent to attend Alabaster High School and enrolled in SAFE.  However, even among a school of oddities he was still an outcast.  It was almost instinctual that he was hated.  

After a time, a group of students got an idea.  They brought one of them to the nurses office, covered in bruises.  They claimed Victor had attacked them and used his power against him.  Indeed, Victor had used his power to escape a confrontation with them, though only his escape was caught on tape.  Other students also claimed to be witnesses, verifying that he did it.  His reputation had already followed him from the orphanage, and no one would take his side.  He was suspended, and never came back.  

Ever since, he has been wandering around all corners of Ruby City, just trying to get by.  Even the gangs of East Diamond wouldn’t take him in.  His power was basically useless to them.  The deep seeded hatred of the world hidden behind his smile ever bubbling.  He was hated, blamed as the source of the world's evils, cast out, and been wished to disappear.  If that’s what the world thought of him, then that’s what he would become.  If he could ever catch a break.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

The Wretched: Victor is able to temporarily phase himself out of existence.  While in this form, he in unable to be interacted with or interact with anything else.  This essentially allows him to move through solid objects but does not allow him to carry anything.  Anything that would be on his person that is not his clothes does not phase with him and will drop to the ground the moment he does.  As he cannot interact with the world, he is also unable to breathe, therefore he can only maintain his non existence for as long as he can hold his breath (3 consecutive posts, non-scalable), while recovering his breath at a rate of 1 post per post (In other words, 1 post existing gives one post of non-existing.  3 posts existing fully recovers him).  Additionally, re-manifesting his form has a strong physical backlash that leaves him severely weakened, cutting his physical attributes in half for as long as it takes to completely catch his breath.  If he were to phase back into reality while overlapping another solid object, he gets violently thrown away from the object.  As well, this form turns his body translucent bordering on invisible, detectable only by the shutters of his movement.  Finally, his body is covered with bright blue markings and his hair is the same color, making him easily noticed and identifiable.

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Victor Nihilus Empty Re: Victor Nihilus

Post by V.Carnage on Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:36 pm

Ah yes, yet another one to join in on our "Poor Archie" meme.  

Power Breakdown

Phasing (Major)
Translucence (Major)

Only his barest clothes phase with him (Minor)
Cannot Breath while Phasing (Minor)
Manifests weakened (Minor)
Unmistakable Appearance (Minor)

Balances out, due to pre-balancing it by me, so


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