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Aella Faline plotter Empty Aella Faline plotter

Post by Whirlwind on Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:10 pm





Power: Martial Artist: Muay Thai: The user of this power has been blessed with an uncanny mastery over a martial art. They have solid control over their body's movements and can perform borderline supernatural feats of martial prowess.

Aspects of The Cat: Aella develops cat ears as well as a cat's tail. Aella's hearing is far more sensitive than a normal person's. She's able to pick up sounds from a long distance, or hear sounds normal human ears cannot. Aella's tail has negatively effected her balance.

Superior Balance: Having adapted to her tail and feline aspects, Aella has learned that she now has a superior sense of balance, and is capable of performing acrobatics with a catlike grace


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