Sam Guivine/Crimson Scar

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Sam Guivine/Crimson Scar

Post by JollyLabyrinth on Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:07 pm

"Go ahead. Prove me wrong."

Open to pretty much any RP. Just shoot me a pm with an idea and I'm game. Controlled by JollyLabyrinth.

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Palm Perdu (Friend)
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None (likely not gonna change)

Current Power: Self-Blood Control

Able to lift 8000lbs (also increased punching strength)

Able to run 400mph

Can heal internal injuries, i.e. medium caliber handguns/glocks, stab wounds.

First point: External Regeneration: Can heal external injuries in same fashion as stated above. Also increases speed of internal regeneration so it can be used in combat.

Second point: Basic creation: A creation power from a limited source. Sam can harden his blood to the strength of iron and shape it into any basic geometric form or basic tool shape (like hammers or blades). He can shape and harden up to 9.6 liters at a time, and the shapes last until broken or dismissed.

Fourth point: Stopping Power: Sam can harden his blood internally to create subdermal body armor, preventing injuries from blunt melee weapons and medium caliber bullets, as well as preventing him from staggering. He must consciously activate this ability before it takes effect.

Fifth point: Heartbeat Detection: Sam is able to detect the heartbeats of others. This effect persists through sensory-manipulation/nullification (he can still detect through abilities inflicting total silence, etc.)

Can only be used on internal blood; control over the blood is lost upon bleeding externally.

Second Power: Peak Human Condition
Capable of lifting 250 Lbs, running at 30 mph, taking multiple normal blows without wearing down (All over written by Self-blood Manipulation, see above), and has faster reaction time than most people. This is entirely without the aide of other powers they hold.

Help his family/gang grow and be respected
Have a good fight
Hone his powers to a noteworthy extent before publicly and regularly using them.

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