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Post by Magical Star on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:00 pm

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Magical Transformation: Ares Heart Coale’s power is one that requires transformation into a powered state. This power state requires one post in order to actually have access to the full extent of her powers. (Scales with points.) While in this powered, she has the ability to create fiery attacks that typically follow a heart theme.(Such as heart shaped blasts of thermal energy.) She is able to currently create flames equivalent to a level 8 heat/fire-based power. with her maximum range of attack being roughly 120 feet. Her transformation turns her hair from black to red and causes her outfit to change into the outfit shown on the image at the top.

First point: Remove limitation: Scaling transformation duration. Coale's transformation is now locked to a one post duration.

Second point: Heat resistance: in transformed state, Coale becomes resistant to heat and fire based attacks up to level 8 fire based attacks.

Third point: Lovely Heatpulse: Coale has now gained the ability to send out a wall of heat and force capable of knocking both opponents and objects. This attack moves out in a cone roughly 10 feet wide and has a range of 15 feet.

Normal form:
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