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Arachna - Natalya Polzin

Post by Arachna on Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:44 am

"In this business there's no such thing as a free handout. You owe me and when I call on you I expect a prompt and cordial answer of 'Yes, miss. Right away.'"

If anyone wants to start a thread with me, have an idea in mind ahead of time and feel free to PM me. Everyone is welcome, though not everyone's ideas will be accepted. If you'd like to join a thread already in play, also send a PM before simply jumping in all random-like. Chances are high that I'll let you in, but I'd rather not be surprised by a sudden interloper.

Current Thread
Shadows and Spiders


  • Recruit for a team of supervillains
  • Reach a much higher level of power

Bad Apple!!

Current Powers

  • Basic Spider Abilities Including Some Variation of Extra Limbs which allow for wallcrawling, extra eyes (with nightvision), and mandibles.
  • Spider Silk Creation
  • Paralyzing Venom


  • Permanent
  • Created silk possesses low tensile strength
  • Venom is weak

Poison Stats
Doses: 3
Maximum Dosage: -600 Lbs
Per Dose: -200 Lbs
Effect: Paralysis


  • Charon - Kind of an asshole. Arachna originally approached him with the idea of allowing him to be the puppet king of her organization while she pulled the strings from the background, but he's far too full of himself for that. Perhaps if she knocked him down a peg he'd be more amenable to working under her rather than 'beside' (read: above) her?
  • The Hive - Arachna's first recruit to her Legion of Terror. He appears loyal at a glance and is a reliable source of information. Thus far she has no complaints about his performance and finds his power to be rather amusing.
  • Sinew Lovecraft - Obviously crazy, but crazily devoted to her as his muse. His ability, while somewhat uncouth and even a little barbaric, is extremely powerful and a perfect fit for her organization so Arachna is more than willing to tolerate his quirks to take advantage of the boon he presents as a member of her Legion of Terror.

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