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Post by SirenSong on Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:41 am


Archie Storm


Siren’s Song: Marin’s power is the ability to inspire attraction in those he touches. Essentially, anyone he makes direct contact with (skin to skin, specifically) becomes attracted to him, or even lustful towards him (at the discretion of the other writer)  at present this power only works on a single person and lasts for one post after contact has stopped.  Additionally, this is not a controlled power and is in fact always on in essence.  Marin cannot deactivate it or it’s effects, except by either waiting them out, or shifting them onto a different individual. Similarly, he isn’t really able to control people with it, an effected person still has their free will, and can actively resist the ability if they are aware of it.

Siren's Voice: Marina is able to amplify his voice, allowing for him to be able to generate sound waves capable of causing moderate pain to someone's ear drums.  This power is directed in the form of a narrow cone, with a range of 30 feet, . Additionally Marina is only able to use this ability eight times in a single thread, before losing his voice. Causing him to have difficulty talking for the duration of the thread. (This power falls into the part 5 rules and guidelines. level 6 sonic power.)

Echolocation:  Marina is able to use sound to gain a bearing on the terrain around him, allowing him to easily navigate in the dark, or when otherwise unable to, as well as getting a 360 degree knowledge of what is around him. This ability has a range of 25 feet.

Siren's Rejuvenation: When using his Siren's Song power, Marin drains a small amount of energy from those he touches, allowing him to recover physical stamina. This ability's effect is somewhat addictive, The power can cause fatigue in others after prolonged use (four posts) Unlike Siren Song, this part of the power can be turned off consciously.


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