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Yin and Yang Equilan




Basic Power: Donovan is capable of storing things into what some might call hammerspace, making the object seemingly disappear and is able to pull them out at will. Though he is only able to store up to 200 pounds at any given time. Additionally, Donovan is unable to store any living thing, or anything being held by another person. He is still burdened by the weight of the objects he is carrying, and thus will not be able to carry more weight than he would physically be able to carry. Donovan has a limited range on how far he can effect objects. Currently only objects within a 10 feet, mostly by targeting it in his mind.He is also able to simply stuff things into hammerspace by grabbing them, simply stuffing his hand with the object into his storage. Much like one would do any other container. Additionally, he is not able to store an object that is moving. Donovan will regularly keep a baseball bat in his storage and will often use it to fight if necessary. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the bat, and it takes up a five pounds of his storage capacity already

First point:Donovan can now store objects even when they are touching or being held be another person.

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