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Basic Power: Slynt is able to create a duplicate of himself at will within 3 feet of him, though this is limited to one, the clone does as he wishes it to, with only a limited sense of self. However not only does he need to remain within a 20-foot radius of his clone, else it will simply disappear, but he also will feel any pain the clone is inflicted. Similarly, new information can only be transferred from the clone to him if physical contact between the two is made, meaning any memories created will die with the clone. He cannot clone objects, with the exception of his own clothing and even then this is limited. (no duplication of weapons, armor, candy bars, etc.)  He can get rid of a duplicate at will, though he needs to be able to see it in order to do so, and is unable to acquire the memories of the duplicate if this is without making physical contact. Similarly a duplicate can die, and while not lethal, the pain feedback is easily enough to incapacitate him or render him unconscious.
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