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Post by Megalodon on Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:43 am

Archie Storm Thunde10

General Information

Name: Archie “Arc” Storm
Alias: Volt
Age: 18
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6’2” (188 cm)
Weight: 181 lbs (82 kg)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Neutral ;; Lawful ;; Neutral
Personality: Archie is a loner through and through due to situations at school.  He has a bit of a complex about his first name so he prefers to be called just Arc and always introduces himself as such.  Despite his appearance he is a diligent, yet unsuccessful, student who prefers to play by the rules.  He also has a thing for all kinds of music and often just listens to different songs in his free time.  It is quite rare to find him listening to the same song.

Likes: Thunderstorms, Chess, Music

Dislikes: Rainstorms, Archery, School

Archie never did well in school.  Not for lack of trying, but most things just never clicked with him.  He did, however, find that he had a knack for chess, and similarly learned much better in situations that were directly applicable.  For example, if he were asked to solve for a variable in an algebra problem, it would take him a while to finish, if he even does, but if he were asked to rig a trap or other apparatus that involved complex parts, he could figure it out easier than most.

Regardless, his grades in school did not improve, and he was held back once in middle school and once in his sophomore year of high school.  This has left him as mostly a loner.  Having been held back twice, most of the people he knew moved on already.  His appearance and his tendency to wander give him the impression of a delinquent that skips school, but he is actually quite diligent and follows the rules.  He has been disheartened by all the failure he’s had is school so he looks broody much of the time.  Over time he grew used to being on his own and preferred it over being with someone only for them to move on and never talk to him again.

His power was a bit of a late bloomer and only appeared about a month before his 17th birthday.  Up to that point, he never really liked archery, but has tried to pick it up ever since realizing his power.  Because of his academics, he has no plans for higher education.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

The Thunderbird: Archie can form a bow made of shimmering blue light into his right hand.  As it is made of light, it cannot make physical contact with anything, so things just go right through it.  Doing so will briefly distort the shape of the bow in appearance only and does not disrupt effectiveness.  Archie does not actually grip the bow, as instead the two jets of light that make the arch stream from just outside of his clenched hand.  Unclenching his hand causes the bow to dissipate.
Whenever he activates his power, his left hand up to just past his wrist also glows the same blue hue.  With this hand, he can generate arrows made of electricity which he can fire from his bow.  Each arrow can generate Level 5 electric force, and he can make up to 5 arrows per thread.  The arrow travels at a speed as if shot out of a normal bow and has no effect other than the shock.

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Archie Storm Empty Re: Archie Storm

Post by V.Carnage on Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:03 am

Imma throw it out there, this is my alternate account and I think it looks fine, so I'll just go ahead and approve it.


EDIT: Power updated, with consent, to abide by new power scaling regulations.

EDIT 2: Doing an actual grading now to properly balance him.
Power Breakdown

Electric Bow and Arrow (Major)

Ammo System (Minor)
Reduced Power (Minor)
Reduced Electric Attack Speed (Minor)

Based on this the base power is a bit weak so we will be updating the power to Level 5 at base.

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