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Biggs McKenzie

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General Information

Name: Biggs McKenzie
Alias: Macro
Age: 15
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual (Develops Attractions to Friends)
Height: 5'10" // 178 cm
Weight: 178 lbs // ~81 kg

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Lawful ;; Neutral ;; Nice
Personality: Biggs is a guy who goes by the book on most everything he can possibly go by. He has a fair sense of right and wrong and a strong dislike of hypocrisy and dishonesty. He views everything by the situation it's placed in, and follows a code of ethics he has for himself more than he follows the laws. Make no mistake though, his code of ethics generally involves staying inside the laws, but he understands how the world can be a cruel place, and choices need to be made. Biggs has a soft spot for people who have regrets, and knows the difference between genuine regret and 'sorry I got caught' sorts of remorse.

He doesn't view himself as selfish, and often considers himself genuinely altruistic. He doesn't view himself as above others, or anyone as inferior to him, he sees situations as they are and how they can change. Biggs likes to give people advice when they are lost, and to build inside jokes with people, get some laughter out there and build a friendly atmosphere, where people are free to speak candidly and casually as they see fit. It's very hard to offend Biggs, you almost certainly couldn't do it on accident. And where he is capable of being offended, he's more than able to forgive.

The only sort of people he couldn't get along with are the people who identify as depressed, and can't be brought up no matter who tries, or what is said. He'd also be hard pressed to get along with anyone manipulative and conniving, mostly because he likes to be up-front about what he wants and how he wants to get it than they would want him to be. He's not nervous in social situations. He's actually pretty proficient, capable of talking to total strangers as if they were acquaintances, without the typical customer-service sound. He's okay with personal details, and remembering people by names and faces. He's got a knack for knowing the right thing to do to progress a situation, and has a very tuned sense of direction.

The kinds of people he would most get along with are other people who find themselves socially capable when dropped in any situation. More than that, however, he would get along well with the introverted ones who have 'beautiful minds', which when tapped into, are a source of thoughts and opinions that can alter his perception of people. People with great senses of humor, realistic opinions, and creative ideas, who don't speak up simply because nobody asks them to. He gets along with people who want to move on, and people who don't know which way to turn. All because his favorite activity is helping those who need his help. He does it not because he needs to, but because he wants to, and because he knows its right.

Likes: Helping People, Introverts, Science Fiction Novels

Dislikes: Manipulative People, Stagnation, Spicy Food


Biggs was born in an upper class family in Ruby City... one of the highest upper class families in the modern world. His grandmother is named Flow McKenzie, also known as Belladonna, the current president of the conglomerate Superhero Foundation. His father, Ash McKenzie, also known as Arbor in his heroing days, wound up marrying the daughter of a rather wealthy member of the Foundation. She was a size changer, capable of growing or shrinking herself about 3 inches, her name when she was alive was Bestla McKenzie. She was a wonderful mother, but she was dark skinned herself, more so than either of her parents, and a power holder nonetheless.

Many people considered her to be the devil in religious communities where she hailed from, her father believed to have made a demonic pact to gain the wealth he was using to fund his branch of the Superhero Foundation. Her father was not a power holder himself, and neither was her mother, so it only rationalized their reactionary views in their eyes. She was not well-liked in her community, often found herself on the pointy side of angry mobs when she'd go into town conspiciously, and suffered many injuries from attempted assassinations, so when she was given the chance to escape it, she took it. But that was the problem...

She was a wonderful lady, she was a wonderful mother who helped raise Biggs to be a social butterfly. Her love was probably the very foundation for a steady and morally conscious lifestyle in lieu of what others of similar wealth and prestige would find themselves in. But in the end, it was a marriage of convenience, and she didn't truly love Biggs's father, Ash. They eventually got a divorce, and Bestla left the manor, leaving Biggs and Ash as the only residents. And Ash sort of just... broke down.

There wasn't a tale of abuse here, Ash didn't become an alcoholic and start throwing fits. He didn't cope with philanthropy, or drugs, or womanizing. He just... fell apart. After his mother left, Biggs's father only said a number of words to the poor boy that he could keep track of in his head. And the young boy tried his best to help regardless. He was always leaving notes on doors and mirrors, trying to bolster his father's confidence, rebuild him with the unconditional love that he'd known and shared all his life.

All the while, he'd been picking his way through grade school. His mother left his father when he was in 5th grade, leaving him to help cope with his father's depression for years. Bigg's didn't give up on life when one of the sources of love and comfort left him and the other all but died, he kept pushing forward, because he knew that neither of them would want him to falter in a time like this. He went to school, he got good grades, he made friends. He did everything he could possibly do right, and when he made a mistake, he'd pick himself up off the ground. He never flaunted his family's riches, he made friends the right way, the way he knew was right.

His father was receptive to this constant show of spirit and vigor, his mood appeared to be drastically improved just by looking at him... But it was never more apparent than just before his 15th birthday when his power sprouted up, just when he was about to head into Alabaster High School. As the child of a former B-Class Superhero of a father and a loving power holder of a mother, he was basically sure it was going to happen. However, it wasn't specifically him getting his powers that did it for his father. It was the fact that his powers were a slight mutation off of his mother's own. He could grow objects a few inches in all directions, and boost their mass. It was this wake-up call that reminded Ash of his good-old days as a Superhero, when he helped people instead of wallowing in self pity. And Biggs had been trying to show him that the whole time. Ash decided that he would aim to help the new generation and become a Hero teacher at Alabaster High.

Meanwhile, Biggs begins his journey into the world of superheroics, social intrigue, and adventure. His goal is to become a top hero, and do his family proud.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Growth Inducement: Biggs is capable of inducing growth in objects that he touches, making them grow up to 6 inches on all three dimensions (if equally sized). Objects maintain their proportions, growing 6 inches on their longest dimension, and gain mass in proportion to the growth to maintain density. The growth lasts until he removes it, but he can only grow any given object by a total of his maximum amount. He cannot grow humans or animals, but he can grow plants in this mannerism. When he removes the growth, it all goes away.


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