Tidal - Jeremy Flytende

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Tidal - Jeremy Flytende

Post by vating on Fri May 18, 2018 1:21 am

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Manipulation of liquids
Can move them up to 30 mph
Can alter temperatures of liquids
Can hold water above/below freezing/boiling point
Can form the water into a much thinner form making it blade-like
Can Freeze water and melt ice

Limited to only water right now
Will still lose water in vaporization abilities
Cannot manipulate froze water

1.Liquid Blades: Increase the speed he can move his liquids to 30 mph making it move at dangerous speeds.  This allows him to move his liquids in a blade-like fashion and essentially sword fight with liquids.

2. Freezing: Allows the user to freeze and melt water.


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