David Porter Plotter

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David Porter Plotter

Post by Pyramidion on Mon May 14, 2018 7:08 am

Byron Kelvin
Jeremy Flytende



Byron Kelvin (Crush)

Teleportation: David is capable of instantly moving, disappearing and reappearing simultaneously in a new location within 30 feet. He doesn't have to see where he's going, and can even move relatively safely, with little risk of teleporting into a wall or anything stupid like that. Unfortunately, he cannot change his velocity in any way, so he cannot change the direction in which he is moving or the speed at which he is moving mid-warp. David can teleport twice per post.

1st Point (Orientation Shift): This upgrade allows David to change the orientation of his body mid-teleport, facilitating trickier combat maneuvers and much greater ease of movement.


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