A small prank

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Re: A small prank

Post by V.Carnage on Tue May 01, 2018 3:52 pm

"Oh? Don't tell me you've got a crush on me, now!"  Byron's face flushed completely red.  He appeared to want to say something, but was having a tough time actually talking.  He was so focused on the words themselves that he was quite oblivious to any subtleties David was laying down.  Only a couple seconds passed from when David spoke to when, as if on queue, Jeremy rushed into the nurses office, cutting off any possible response Byron could have given.  

After listening to Jeremy's explanation of what happened in the cafeteria, Byron nodded his head and crossed his arms.  "After bringing a knife to school and even stabbing someone with it?  I doubt he'd get off with anything less than a long suspension.  I don't even understand why people like him would even go to a school famous for its SAFE courses.  I hope he's properly reflecting on his actions.  Regardless of whether he gets expelled or not, I doubt he'd try confronting us again.  And if he does, then we just have to stand up to him again. Together."

When Jeremy brought up his power and how he had used it in the cafeteria to jump in front of the knife, Byron looked surprised.  "Now that you mention it, you did just kind of appear in front of me.  And you were pretty far away to begin with."  Byron, quite slowly, put the pieces together.  He had been so caught up with what was going on, he failed to properly notice the oddity. "But teleportation.  That's pretty amazing.  At the very least its more useful than my power.  I can control the temperature of my own body, but I can still overheat or freeze from it.  I've even gotten 'sunburned' when I get too heated."  David and Jeremy may notice the sunburn on his nose again.  "Don't worry about giving a demonstration though.  You just need to rest up for now and not push your hand to hard."

Byron thought for a long moment.  "But, now that we know we all have powers, and I think we could work together really well too, what do you guys think of forming that team we were talking about earlier?  Ya know, to stop bullies and the like.  Get a bit of a head start on this 'Super Hero' business.  Oh, after David gets better, of course!"  Byron quickly amended.  He looked away and scratched his head, a bit embarrassed that he came out and suggested that.  "Now that I think about it, I wonder if the SAFE instructors would even allow us to do something like that..."  Byron trailed off, contemplating the validity of being able to form this team he wanted, for various reasons.

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Re: A small prank

Post by Pyramidion on Tue May 08, 2018 1:04 pm

David nodded appreciatively at both Jeremy and Byron's words. The bully had been dealt with, that was for sure. David knew that suspension would be a light punishment for the kid, and an extremely unlikely one at that. He thought it was a sure thing that the guy who stabbed him would be expelled next, but only time would be able to tell at this point. "No, you're right. He's definitely out of the picture for now either way, but he probably is going to be expelled. Not that I'm saying that was my intent, but there's such a thing as a happy accident after all." David said bitterly, his smiling face melting into one much more glum, his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"Anyway, teleportation is nice, and it definitely helps in a pinch, but right now I can barely hop a few feet without going completely off-course. Still, under pressure, I get more focused, and I can do stuff like... Well, you saw. Still, I can't really do much with it, other than move, so it's more of a tool than a power." David elaborated. He was glad he wouldn't be pressured to give a demonstration. Byron and Jeremy, on the other hand, could control temperature itself, something David regarded with some interest. That could turn out being powerful indeed.

What Byron said next, David couldn't say came as a surprise. He didn't disagree, either, of course. The idea of forming their own little bully-fighting super-squad was enticing, but was it really wise? Then again, David saw it as an opportunity to make even more friends, and possibly even wind up somewhere on the social ladder rather than lost in the trenches like he had been his whole life to this point. "You know, it may be crazy, but I like it. I think we should definitely do it, after today I at least know getting stabbed won't kill me, so we should be pretty safe as long as I take the hits, right?" David said, trying to make it obvious that he was joking about the stabbing part. "For real though, I do think it's a good idea. Definitely worth some extra credit too, I'd wager."

And with that, the bell for the next class would ring, signalling the end of the lunch period. Before long, the nurse would be attempting to rush Byron and Jeremy out of the room and onto their next classes. David said his goodbyes on their way out, then simply sat, alone in the room with the nurse, waiting for one of the SAFE teachers to get there and help out. Apparently, there was someone on staff with healing powers. "This oughta be interesting..."



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