Dolores Agony Plotter

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Dolores Agony Plotter

Post by JollyLabyrinth on Wed May 09, 2018 11:47 pm

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Basic Power: Pain Transfer: Dolores is able to transfer pain from another human being to herself, and from herself to other human beings. She cannot transfer pain directly from one person to another; if she wishes to inflict pain that way, she must first take it into herself. As a result, she has double the pain tolerance of a normal human. The sensation of the pain is doubled when taken from another person into herself, and halved when taken from herself to another person (this evens out, so if she returns the taken pain to the original person they get no more or less than when it started). This power does not heal injuries, only removes the pain, and likewise does not inflict injuries, only creates the sensation of pain. To activate this power, she must maintain physical contact with the target for a minimum of seven seconds, reduced to four if direct skin-on-skin contact is achieved.
Point values: Pain tolerance: 200%
First point: Injury transfer: In addition to pain, Dolores can now move minor injuries in the same way she can move pain. Transferable injuries cannot exceed typical day-to-day injuries, such as bruising, minor cuts/scrapes, low-degree burns, skin/eye irritation, etc. These injuries are not multiplied when transferred from a person to herself, nor reduced when transferred from herself to another person (pain is still amplified/reduced as before).

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