Gavriil Uriel Mikhailov † Seraph †

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Gavriil Uriel Mikhailov † Seraph †

Post by Archangel on Wed May 09, 2018 3:19 pm

General Information

Name: Gavriil "Gabe" Uriel Mikhailov
Alias: Seraph
Age: 20
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Height: 6'4 or 196 cm
Weight: 205 lbs. or 93 Kg
Wingspan: 18'6 or 564 cm

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Good;; Lawful ;; Nice
Personality: Gavriil is a patient, kind, person who loves all and believes in the good of the normal people. He is almost too friendly and is willing to talk to anybody, because it allows him to spread his message of love for all to all people. If he sees someone in need, he helps them without a second thought, even to his own safety. The fastest way to bring Gavriil to Righteous Fury is to hurt others especially without merit.

Likes: Acts of Love (like Generosity, Selflessness, Kindness), The blue sky, The shining sun, Cinnamon

Dislikes: Manipulative people, Needless violence, Spiteful people, Pigeons, Clove

Originally called Angel Sun Flower the man that later chose the name Gavriil Uriel Mikhailov was raised in a hippy commune around a lot of love. He was one of many children in the compound that had forested land northern California near mount Shasta. Anyone would look at it as an odd living, but he was well fed, taught about the earth and life, reading and writing and even a little math. When he was seven that all came to a crashing halt. The DEA had tracked drug shipments to the compound, they came knocking in their black suits, black masks and black guns.

Angel was transferred into the custody of Child Support Services to be handed over to a surrogate family. Good upstanding Christian people. There was a bit of a culture shock, and eventually the boy went to school and church with regularity, realizing that at their base the two cultures, based in responsibility and love were not that different.

A few days after his fourteenth birthday Angel's wings started growing, his young body in agony as the wings grew bigger every day, his life with his family didn't help much either as his studies suffered and his attendance to church wavered. Looking for meaningful answers as to why he changed the boy set off, leaving his guardians behind.

Angel began traveling the world, spending no more than a month in any place, getting along with what little bit of the languages he could pick up along the way. It was the religious people he stayed with the most, and learned from taking their lessons into his heart, no matter where he went the lessons always sounded familiar. They all had the theme of Love. This and the kindness he'd been shown all his life brought the boy around to Russia where he spent the most time in a little town called Manily at the home of a Russian Orthodox minister.

It was a sort of dream or calling that made Gavriil return. He went to Ruby City. There with his powers as a messenger from on high he would spread love which in itself would bring peace. He earned his G.E.D. got certified by the Superhero Found and became a S.A.F.E. instructor as steps toward that goal.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Dominion: He's an Angel. See the wings? Six wings! Him not being able to fly is of no importance. He can't even really glide, He can fall without hurting himself, thanks to his wings he can jump from any height and land softly. He can also control the direction of his descent, though calling it gliding would be a major overstatement, he's more like a falling leaf than a flying squirrel. Gavriil can also create gusts of wind up to 20 miles an hour. That's part of why he falls so slowly. Also ignore the lack of Halo, Flaming Sword and Healing touch.


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Re: Gavriil Uriel Mikhailov † Seraph †

Post by V.Carnage on Wed May 09, 2018 10:25 pm

Basically a copy/paste of the version from pre-reset which was already approved, so you are golden.


Or, green I guess.

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