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David Porter Re-Application (Inactive)

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David Porter Re-Application (Inactive) Empty David Porter Re-Application (Inactive)

Post by Pyramidion on Tue May 08, 2018 7:11 pm

David Porter Re-Application (Inactive) IBUKI.%28Carol%29.full.1474323

General Information

Name: David Porter
Alias: Shortcut
Age: 16
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'11'' (180 cm.)
Weight: 150 lbs. (68 Kg.)

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Neutral, Tends towards Good Actions
Personality:  David is hardly an idealist, which might be less rare for a hero than you might think. In his own eyes, he is a realist, and a man of action, plain and simple. He's not the kind of guy to sit back and let bad things happen, because he believes that the more bad things you let exist... The more bad things exist. He can be a bit rash, rushing to conclusions at times and not always thinking everything through, but he's generally a decent guy. It'd be hard to call him nice, because he is extremely honest with people, even when he knows it might be a bad idea. If you don't lie often, that's just one less thing to keep track of, after all. He isn't likely to simply blurt out rude or mean things, though, he just won't generally lie when asked a question, or intentionally mislead people with his actions.

David isn't necessarily stoic either, or a loner for that matter. He values friends and teammates more than almost anything else, because good ones are almost impossible to replace, but also because he isn't completely robotic and unemotional. In fact, he could easily be considered an extrovert, going out to parties or hanging out with friends. He can fall in love, be happy, get excited, and all those things, he just has trouble showing it most of the time, and in fact prefers not to, usually just keeping either a blank face or a small, simple smile. He likes to present himself as stable and unchanging as possible, because he fancies himself as a 'rock' in many ways. To his friends, he's the guy that will always be there, and will shelter you from the storm if you need it. To his teammates, he is courageous, and doesn't back down from any odds. And of course, to his enemies, he could be the massive stone that crushes them underfoot, or the small pebble flying true from the leather grip of a sling. Small, seemingly unnoticeable, but in the end? Devastating.

He's a thinker, logically reasoning things out and thinking ahead whenever possible, analyzing problems and coming up with clever solutions in a flash. He likes to be challenged, mentally, but has a special fondness for dimmer folks. Not necessarily complete babbling idiots, but ditsy girls or slow, muscle-headed guys are the people he is drawn to naturally. Unfortunately, he can get very easily frustrated when someone doesn't seem to understand what he is saying, even though he views it as unbelievably simple. His personality type would most likely be ENTJ, the commander.


  • Playing Video Games/Tabletop Games
  • Exploring New Environments
  • Solving Puzzles
  • Analyzing and Learning from Nearly Everything
  • Ice Cream, Money, Alcohol, and Women (Or girls, or whatever)


  • Anything With More Than 4 Legs
  • Seeing People In Pain
  • People Who Break the Rules Without Good Reason
  • Not Knowing Something (Seriously, he will go to strange lengths to sate his curiosity)
  • Cigarettes, Surprises, Pennies, and people who are significantly smarter than him

David was born in a rural, backwoods nowhere. Not even in the middle of it either, that's how completely, unmistakably unremarkable the location of his birth was. His parents, not having the money for expensive hospitals, nor believing in them for the most part, decided to do it the old fashioned way. At home, in the living room. Thankfully, there weren't many complications with his birth, but he wasn't exactly the healthiest kid after that point.

Having not been vaccinated or properly cared for, since neither of his parents thought to get a midwife, or even knew a little bit of what they were doing, David spent most of his youth incredibly sick with one thing or another. For a long time, his parents thought he was going to die, and because of this worry they started out extremely careful, giving him everything they needed. But, after a few years of bills upon bills piling up to take care of a kid they weren't sure was even going to survive, they started to do the opposite, giving him the bare minimum necessary to keep him going.

It was a miserable existence, wearing old ratty clothes that weren't comfortable even when they did fit, and eating bland, tasteless foods that cost little more than a dollar per portion. He never really understood why his parents wore nicer clothing and ate nicer food, but it didn't really matter one way or another to him, as long as he had something to wear, and something to eat, even if he may well vomit it back up. He didn't start school until he was already 7 years old, making him about 2 years late for kindergarten, but he still started at the bottom.

Of course, within his first week of school, his parents were being investigated by a case worker because several teachers, and even the principal, noticed that something was clearly wrong. Then tragic, tragic irony struck. It turned out that one of the reasons his parents treated him so poorly, is because they were actually a couple of dirtbags who just so happened to rat out a bigger dirtbag to save their skin. They were petty criminals, thieves and small-time dealers for the most part, but they had started to get involved in the closest thing to the mob without being "the" mob, and they had begged the law to give them a second chance if they turned one of the bosses in. They had always been selfish, but that's not the ironic part.

The ironic part was that the social worker that saved David's life by intervening in his parents' abusive, selfish tendencies, had also been a member of the mafia-style family of crime lords at one point in his life, and happened to recognize a special tattoo on the wrists of David's parents. With one call, the state had kindly taken David off of his parents' hands, feeding and clothing him, giving him a place to live. And with two more calls, the social worker had erased David's parents from existence, more or less. The earliest official government record of David's life was now 7 years past his date of birth, and he had no parents listed on his birth certificate. The worst part was, everyone pretended that nothing had even happened. I mean, David's parents were well and truly ass holes, but he never wanted them killed, and they didn't suck all the time. Plus, he loved them, and they were the only people he had known his entire life, and now they just... Poof, didn't exist.

Needless to say, it was a jarring experience, but being a ward of the state meant that David simply went back to school the next day, like nothing was wrong. His health improved significantly over the following months, and within a couple of years he even managed to forget about his old life, for the most part. Now he lived to go to school and learn, working tirelessly to ensure that he had a strong, bright future ahead of him, never wanting to go back to a life of poverty.

At around the age of 14, however, something happened that shifted his focus off of the scholarly pursuits. He developed a super power. In the first few months after discovering his ability to "move without moving", or teleport, he tried to pretend that it was in his imagination, then he tried to just ignore it. But the more he used his ability, the more he got used to it, the more he realized that he liked it. It meant freedom to him, but more importantly, after looking up what professional heroes made for a living, it meant having a good life. One that he controlled, too, not one dictated by the whims of foster parents or the rules of the state. And it also meant removing scum from the world, which by now he had begun to believe was necessary. The buildup was starting to get to be too much, and he'd have to do something about it eventually, so rather than be forced into it unprepared, he chose to start preparing.

In the most recent years of his life, he has begun working out, going for runs, and learning mixed martial arts, along with a few specific ones (namely parkour, krav maga, and aikido) in his remaining free time. He hardly did anything for fun anyway, and didn't really have much in the way of friends, so he trained day in and day out, especially focusing on how to use these arts in conjunction with his special ability. His progress has been good, but nothing phenomenal for his age, especially since his version of 'nonstop training' meant 'except for when a friend comes over, or during school, or on weekends'. Still, what more can you expect? He's only 16, after all.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Teleportation: David is capable of instantly moving, disappearing and reappearing simultaneously in a new location within 15 feet. He doesn't have to see where he's going, and can even move relatively safely, with little risk of teleporting into a wall or anything stupid like that. Unfortunately, he cannot change his velocity in any way, so he cannot change the direction in which he is moving or the speed at which he is moving mid-warp. He also cannot change the way his body is positioned/oriented in between point A and point B, and can only teleport once per post.


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David Porter Re-Application (Inactive) Empty Re: David Porter Re-Application (Inactive)

Post by Admin on Tue May 08, 2018 7:16 pm

Just a typical transfer. Never earned any skill points prior to the reset, so it doesn't count as your one, but since you only had one character to transfer anyways...

Anyhow. Cross reference checked out, no major alterations and whatnot, power's the same, so...

Transfer Approved


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