Countdown - Jet Timere

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Countdown - Jet Timere

Post by Dranous on Tue May 08, 2018 6:34 pm

"Order is a lie."

I'm open to any ideas if anyone is interested in starting a thread with me.  Just shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to work out the details.  
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Anarchy.  Chaos.  Destruction.  It is Jet's most sincere wish to show people the truths of the world.  There is no order.  There is no peace.  There is no safety.  It's all a lie, an illusion.  Soon, everyone will know.  No government or organization can hide it for much longer.  Not if he has anything to say about it.  

Basic Ability:  Time Bomb - Jet can set a time bomb on any inorganic solid matter he touches with his palm.  The bomb is undetectable except by abilities that specifically detect things.  The area of the object that explodes does not exceed the size of his palm.  The blast radius is 5 meters.  There can be 3 active time bombs at any given time.  Once set, they are given a specified time until they explode that cannot be less than his third post after placing it.  Time is set and cannot be altered without disarming it and resetting it.  Can be mentally disarmed at any time by Jet.
Point 1: Smoke Bomb - In addition to his normal explosive bomb Jet can, at the time of setting, choose to instead place a smoke bomb. All other rules of setting apply to this bomb. Upon activation a cloud of smoke billows from the set location and spreads up to a 5 meter radius. The smoke obstructs vision and causes fits of coughing with no lasting effects if inhaled. Additionally, the maximum number of active bombs of any type cannot exceed 6.
Point 2: Fire Bomb - Upon setting a bomb, Jet can now choose to instead set a Fire Bomb. This bomb has minimal impact damage, but instead erupts into a giant fireball with a 5 meter radius. This fire bomb is still subject to the same time and placement restrictions as Jet's other bombs. Additionally, the maximum number of active bombs of any type cannot exceed 12.
Point 3: Palm Bomb - Sensing a need for a more combat oriented skillset, Jets power has adapted to create an instantaneous yet small bomb. Jet can set off a bomb originating from his palm. The bomb has no effective blast radius and as such is only truly effective when in contact with Jets palm, aside form causing a slight rush of air. In general the bomb has low lethality unless it is exploded next to something vital. Explosion on someones hand could blow off their fingers or explosions near the wrist may blow off a hand and explosions on the face will blow away and burn facial features but will not cause the skull to cave in. This generally does not cause instantaneous death, but a slow and painful one. The number of times this can be used per thread is limited by the max number of bombs Jet can set at once. Once he uses the palm bomb, the max number is bombs he can set is reduced by 1. This recharges after a thread. Additionally, the maximum number of active bombs of any type cannot exceed 24.

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