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Jet Timere (Decommissioned)

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Jet Timere (Decommissioned)  Empty Jet Timere (Decommissioned)

Post by Dranous on Tue May 08, 2018 3:49 pm

Jet Timere (Decommissioned)  Evolut10

General Information

Name: Jet Timere
Alias: Countdown
Age: 24
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’9”/175.3 cm
Weight: 145 lbs/65.8 kg

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Evil ;; Chaotic ;; Mean
Personality: Jet can be summed up well in one short sentence: Order is a lie.  It is his solemn belief that the only truth in the world is chaos.  He sees the organization of the world and their governments as mere facades.  As such, he has saw fit to take it upon himself to remove those facades.  He views his actions as not bringing chaos into the world, but simply unveiling it.  Jet is very much an eccentric.  He takes pride and pleasure in disrupting the peace and quiet of society and its people.  Contrary to what one might assume from his psychotic behavior, he is also quite cold and calculating.  What he lacks in physical strength, he more than makes up for with his wits.  He is a masterful strategist and planner.

Likes: Chaos, Explosions, Chess

Dislikes: Order, Pacifists, the Police

Jet was born to French immigrant parents who moved to the United States to start a family.  Most of Jet’s young life was fairly normal.  He lived a rather peaceful life in a city not far from Ruby City.  However, when he was 10, things took a turn when his mother went missing.  It was weeks before anything was found.  By the time she was found, she was already long dead.  Based on the scene, she had suffered quite a bit.  There were blood stains all around, and it looked like she had starved to death.  Afterwards, any form of investigation turned to nothing.  Rather than the investigation turning up dry, it almost seemed like no one wanted to pursue the case.  No matter how much time they waited or continued to ask how the case was going, they always claimed to be doing all they could, but never had anything to show.  After a while, Jet and his father gave up hope of ever finding resolution.  

Years passed and Jet was 15.  His father had been struggling to deal with depression and his worsening job situation.  In a desperate attempt to stabilize their financial situation, Jet’s father attempted to rob a store.  He was caught, however, and sent to jail.  Jet had no other relatives living in America, and he was still a minor with no source of income, so he was put in the care of an orphanage.  Jet waited for his father’s release, but within a few months his father had let his health deteriorate to the point he died in prison.  Soon after hearing the news, Jet ran away from the orphanage.

Before leaving town, Jet made a discovery about himself.  While thinking of how much he detested the police, he accidentally set a bomb on a police car.  After it happened, he was shocked, and immediately fled the city.  He ended up in Ruby City and somehow found his way to the land of misfits that was East Diamond.  By the time he turned 17 he was already a member of the gang called Oz.  He kept his power a secret, fearful of it.  However, after some time living in East Diamond he heard more things about super powers and slowly began testing out his gift.  Not long after, he embraced his power.  He had realized that the peaceful lives everyone lived was all a lie, and he was going to show them all the truth.  

There was a recent falling out with some of the members of Oz and a splinter cell lead by The Wicked Witch of the East that left the gang.  Jet was one of them that left, aligning perfectly with the Witches beliefs that the current leader of Oz was too passive, and that things should be done in a much more chaotic manner.  He currently uses his power rather freely, yet smartly to unveil the lie of order permeating Ruby City.

Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Time Bomb: Jet can set a time bomb on any inorganic solid matter he touches with his palm.  The bomb is undetectable except by abilities that specifically detect things.  The area of the object that explodes does not exceed the size of his palm.  The blast radius is 5 meters.  There can be 3 active time bombs at any given time.  Once set, they are given a specified time until they explode that cannot be less than his third post after placing it.  Time is set and cannot be altered without disarming it and resetting it.  Can be mentally disarmed at any time by Jet.

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Jet Timere (Decommissioned)  Empty Re: Jet Timere (Decommissioned)

Post by Admin on Tue May 08, 2018 5:27 pm

Power Breakdown
Explosives - Major
Multiple Explosices at once - Major
Increased Range to 5 Meters - Major and a Half (or 3 Minors)
Mentally Disarm - Minor
Subtle (Requires Special Sense to Detect) - Minor

Limited Target (Smaller than Palm) - Major
Time Delay (3 Posts Afterwards Minimum) - 2 Majors
Three Targets Max - Minor
Cannot Alter Time Without Disarming - Minor
Palm Contact (Fingers Don't Count) - Minor

Oddly enough, balanced. Mostly thanks to that time delay.

Everything else checks out as well, so have fun.



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