Heat Haze - Byron Kelvin

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Heat Haze - Byron Kelvin

Post by V.Carnage on Mon May 07, 2018 11:22 pm

"We aren't all born equal, but that doesn't mean we can't treat each other as such."

I'm open to any ideas if anyone is interested in starting a thread with me.  Just shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to work out the details.  
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Maintain his ideals that everyone is human and should not be treated as any more nor any less.
To find a true purpose for himself which he can fight and risk his life for.  

Basic Ability:  Thermokinetic Core - Byron can, at will, alter his own body temperature to extremes.  This is currently limited by the fact that he can feel these effects and at present not reach extreme temperatures without endangering himself.  While Byron's power has been known to flare up with his emotions if he is not actively holding them back, he still maintains absolute control over them in this aspect with no effort.
Point 1: Temperature Resistance - Byron's body is highly resistant to temperature change in all forms allowing him to withstand temperature extremes comfortably.  Byron is completely resistant to Level 5 Heat and Cold effects and below.  This also allows him to more freely use his Thermokinetic Core without risk of harming himself.
Point 2: Aura Projection - Byron can radiate an aura around himself that matches the temperature of his body. Aura control has an area of influence of up to 1 meter radially from his center of gravity. Additionally, Byron is now completely resistant to Level 6 Heat and Cold effects and below.

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