Yin and Yang Equilan Plotter

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Yin and Yang Equilan Plotter

Post by Equilibrium on Sun May 06, 2018 9:24 am




The twins have a shared mind, allowing them to be incredibly coordinated and communicate silently.
The twins are able to launch a baseball sized orb of energy that causes an explosion of two meters in diameter. Yin's are white, Yang's are black
The twins' energy orbs can cause burns
First Point: The twins are able to detect the secrets of those around them within significant restrictions; the twins do not get any details on the secret, only the vaguest idea. This power will not improve indirectly through upgrades, and cannot be upgraded directly either.
Second Point: Removed the need for the twins to be making physical contact to use their new power; they now only need to be in proximity (10m) to use their powers.


The twins feel one another's pain due to their mental connection
The twins must be making physical contact within 10m of each other in order to activate their energy orbs


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