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Mister Mercury ↔ Roy Wulf

Post by Mercury on Sat May 05, 2018 3:31 pm

Flexibility is the key to Strength.

While mean spirited, Roy is more into punishing bullies and fiends than saving the innocent, though if innocents are in enough trouble he'll break his mean facade and jump the the rescue. If you want Roy in one of your threads when he isn't busy with High School or finding something to do when now that he's been kicked out of all his after school clubs, PM me.

Current Thread(s)

Punishing jerks and assholes
Become a Professional Athlete
Make REAL friends


Power and Abilities

Can produce Quicksilver and create nearly any shape with it
Can re-absorb Quicksilver
An Athletic Savant

Can only produce a limited quantity of Quicksilver a day
Formed Quicksilver has the same attributes as copper
Mean spirited attitude keeps people at arms length
Immigrant with English as a third language


Currently N/a

Past Threads
The After School Blues
An Unusual Enemy
Deep Reflections
Looking for Help...
Biting off more than... you know the rest


Subcutaneous Armor Here
Tensile Strength Here
Mercurial Balance Here

Power Plotter
-Quicksilver Capacity-
Currently Roy can produce:
960 Fluid Ounces
of Quicksilver a day

Acquired Powers

Subcutaneous Armor (Capacity Doubled)
A passive layer of liquid Quicksilver under Roy's skin, hardens in response to a blow taken to his torso or head (And later arms and legs as Roy has more Quicksilver available). This armor has 1/8"(inch) RHAe(Rolled Homogeneous Armor equivalent). Capable of stopping up to 750 ft/lb or  1025 joules of energy. (Essentially Some knives, one handed clubs, handguns up to 9mm)). Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Tensile Strength (Capacity Doubled)
A layer of liquid quicksilver over Roy's muscles and tendons, it hardens right when strength is needed using the flexion in the metal to provide increases instantaneous strength output or by remaining hardened, static lifting output. But not prolonged output, the flexion is only momentary and partly immobilizing when using the static lifting to bare a load. Roy can bound 3 meters (10ish feet) this way, obliterate cinder block with a single blow, or hold up 400 Kg (880 lbs). Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Mercurial Balance (Capacity Doubled)
The fluid in Roy's ears has been replaced with a smaller amount quicksilver, this gives Roy a superior sense of balance and equilibrium. Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Future Powers

Sweating Bullets (Capacity Doubled)
It's now easier for Roy to secrete Quicksilver from the rest of his skin, allowing him to produce Quicksilver anywhere on his body. Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Bronze God (Capacity Doubled)
After painfully cracking a few bones exercising Tensile Strength, Roy has added a hardened layer of quicksilver to his bones to increase their hardness. Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Iron Will (Capacity Doubled)
Solidified Quicksilver now takes on the Material Properties of Steel(or as desired Copper), including conductivity, weight, malleability and hardness. This retroactively effects Subcutaneous Armor (increasing the RHAe to 1/2" 3000 ft/lbs or 5000 Joules),  Tensile Strength(Roy is able to crush reinforced concrete, bound 6 meters 20ish feet, support 800kg or 1660 lbs in a static lift.), Bronze god(Increased the hardness of the bone coating to withstand usage of Tensile Strength), doubling their effects. Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Body Forge
With all the Quicksilver Roy can produce starting to become more than his original mass, it has become apparent that Roy's body can store and produce more than his actual mass, meaning that somewhere along the way Roy has developed an extradimensional space in his body in which to store more Quicksilver.

Lightning Reflexes (Capacity Doubled)
Roy's Nervous System has become coated in special superconductive liquid Quicksilver, this in turn has increased his reflexes to a super-human level. Doubles Roy's capacity of Quicksilver over 24 hours.

Capoeira Mastery
After a Brutal beating Roy has taken the time out to learn a hand-to-hand Martial Art, focusing on the balance intensive acrobatic and chaotic movements of Capoeira. Since he's started training he's become highly proficient in its movements and techniques.

Brazilian Jujitsu Mastery
After his beating and testing out his newest form of unarmed combat Roy found the need for a grappling technique and also took up Brazilian Jujitsu, he has since become highly proficient in its movements and techniques.

Kenjutsu Mastery
As he's seen a major increase in his ability to fight crime by learning different martial arts Roy has gone back to his roots and began studying Kenjutsu. Due to his experience with Kendo, Roy's mastery of this school of sword play comes quickly, he becomes highly proficient in it's movements and techniques.

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