Mister Mercury ↔ Roy Wulf

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Mister Mercury ↔ Roy Wulf

Post by Mercury on Sat May 05, 2018 3:12 pm

General Information

Name: Roy Fredrick Wulf
Alias: Mister Mercury
Age: 18
Sex: Male/
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'4 or 1.9 m
Weight: 200 lbs or 90.5 Kg

Behavioral Information

Alignment: Good ;; Chaotic ;; Mean
Personality: Roy is a dedicated hard worker, he's studious and active, while he will reach out to others he prefers to keep an eye on those he opens up to. His various encounters with the popular crowd have him weary of "fake" people, as he's been burned before. Now he prefers to spend his time with more introspective people and forward thinking people, and less with very superficial people, even to the point of being openly hostile.

Likes: Being active, Sunny Days, Strawberry Smoothies, Spicy and flavorful foods, Physical Challenges

Dislikes: Social Butterflies, Bullies, Tuna fish, Hurry-up-and-wait activities

Roy Fredrick Wulf is not a native of Ruby City. He was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania. His folks Tanar and Jia were farmers and they were content with their meager income, they lived in a good community with good neighbors and a laid back lifestyle. It was simple but good. Roy spent most of his early childhood running around the island or swimming, climbing trees and rocks, catching fish and enjoying the sun between being tutored by the few teachers in his community.

The big rock in the boat was when Roy showed signs of his power. It put his parents into a hard position considering all of the History of Power Holders. Tanar and Jia sold the Farm and with help from their friends moved to Ruby City seeking out the best SAFE program for their child and enrolled their son into an Alabaster High school . Secretly they wished to keep their son away from elements who would manipulate Roy and pervert his power. The relocated parents picking up as many jobs as they could to make sure that their child had a decent life in the city.

Roy however had different ideas, he wanted to ignore his powers, wanted to ignore the fact that they caused him to change his life. That his powers dislocated his family and separated him from his friends. It was however the new life that gave Roy a little more structured but wonderful adventure. In his freshman year he found a propensity for sports, and quickly joined the junior varsity team as a starting running back. His performance helped take the Alabaster High JV team to the division championships.

It was here as a freshman year that Roy started hanging out with the popular crowd, though he had misgivings at first the young immigrant fit right in, and let his guard down. He was almost instantly betrayed and castigated by people he thought where his friends, but were instead just using him for his athletics and thanks to a growth spurt his physical demeanor.

Instead of holing up in some book or taking his admonishment quietly Roy got quiet social revenge on the people that betrayed them laying their most embarrassing secrets to bear. Showing up those that he could, taking up more sports to cover his time. Even joining both the Kendo and Fencing clubs to dethrone their top members, people he wanted to drag down. All of the plans worked perfectly, with Roy using his speed, quick reflexes and naturally athletic demeanor to humiliate those that had previously spat upon him.

Again Roy found he had a knack for the activities, keeping his grades just barely up to play football, fence, and participate in Kendo. Roy wasn't really book smart, instead setting his mind on the social graces, in his junior year becoming a sort of savior to the brainier powered kids, and underclassmen, taking a stand against former friends, he delighted in their misery and found accomplishment in helping the bullied overcome their oppressors.

But after sparking a major fight, nearly getting expelled Roy was forcefully removed from the Football team, having his letter completely revoked, Fencing and Kendo teams. After getting his butt completely handed to him in the fight, Roy's interest in his powers finally sparked and he gave it a name.


Superhuman Information

Power Holder?: Yes

Quicksilver: Roy can excrete a silvery metallic fluid from his skin, mostly from his hands. Roy can shape the fluid and solidify it. He can make basic geometric shapes fairly quickly, and more detailed advanced shapes with a little time and focus. When hardened it has similar properties to copper, including conductivity, weight, malleability and hardness. Roy can only produce 120 fluid ounces in twenty-four hours. He can also break solidified Quicksilver back into it's liquid state and absorb it, adding it to the amount of Quicksilver Roy can produce.

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Re: Mister Mercury ↔ Roy Wulf

Post by Admin on Sat May 05, 2018 7:41 pm

Cross Referenced the old character sheet with this one.

Clean Character Transfer.

May the remainder of your creations rest in peace.

Transfer Approved

You may retain his Skill Points if you so desire. All approved Upgrades he had before the reset may be taken again as is. Do have fun~


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