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Haruko Saizuki

Post by Haruko on Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:35 am

""When the game fucks with you, you just gotta fuck with the game!""

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Current Powers

Enhanced Physical State: Haruko has full control of her body, capable of feeling and controlling her internal organs as one feels and controls a finger. This includes reducing or increasing her metabolism or heart beat, accurately diagnosing internal injuries without being able to see them and even physically shifting her organ's positions within her body if need be. It's currently undetermined whether this is an actual power or simply a feat of incredible natural ability from years of training and meditation.

Limited Peak Human Condition: By concentrating on pure efficiency in the operation of her muscles and organs, Haruko is capable of reaching the peak of human condition for two posts twice per thread (not successively). She'll be capable of lifting 250 lbs, running at 30 mph and will possess higher than average stamina and reaction times.


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