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Some Clarifications!  Empty Some Clarifications!

Post by V.Carnage on Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:17 pm

So I've noticed there have been a few misunderstandings regarding some of the canon organisations. I am here to clarify a few things. If I need to clarify anything else in the future, I may just post it as a reply here.

So the issue that I'm addressing here is the distinction between SAFE (Superpower Applications For Everyone) and SF (Superhero Foundation). SAFE is specifically the after school program created to track and aid in the growth of superpowers. It is a curriculum implemented all over the country, but the first and probably best location for it is Ruby City as many high class supers work there. The SF on the other hand is the organization that hires super powered individuals to keep order and fight crime. The SF are the ones that give their heroes classes (A - D), so anyone not hired by them will not have a class. Any more details you should be able to find under the Rules and Guidelines or Plot and Canon, or PM me or Admin with any questions.

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