Grading Request: Hitting the Gym!

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Grading Request: Hitting the Gym!

Post by Phalanx on Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:31 am

Thread to be Graded: Hitting the Gym!

Participants to be Graded:

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Re: Grading Request: Hitting the Gym!

Post by V.Carnage on Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:10 am

So, here we have a workout routine.  Lets run this over a bit.  My first comment is a technical issue that I won't mark off for as it seems it was a large point of confusion for everyone.  It is simply at the beginning where Roy states he has an SF ID card, yet as I explained in my recent announcement (which would not have been up at the time of this), the SF is basically a business you have to be hired to.  Since Roy has not yet been hired, he would not have one of those cards.  Additionally, if he instead meant SAFE ID card, I am not sure they would need an ID card for an after school class, but that's just me.  Like I said, this in no way affects the grade.  Second is a small inconsistency that I simply want to point out, and will have minimal if any impact on the grade.  While Roy is explaining about the various gyms in the city, he first says that there are eight gyms that accommodate disproportional supers, while in the next paragraph he says there are thirteen.  Next, the length of each of Mercury's posts was excellent and I really felt you were taking the lead most of the way in this thread.  So now, I shall give the grade;

Diamante Spada: No Point
Roy Wulf: No Point

Alright, explaining time.  So, this should be a work out or training thread, yet that actually took very little "screen time".  Don't get me wrong.  The thread was good, as a social thread.  However, there were only a couple posts at the beginning showing any training, and then some implied at the end.  Let me just say, that implying something, like training, only works for repeated sessions.  If this session that was shown would be repeated, you'd get nowhere.

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