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Phalanx - Diamante Spada

Post by Phalanx on Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:57 am

"At least I'm not the villain who gives the hero the need to rise..."

If anyone wants to start a thread with me, have an idea in mind ahead of time and feel free to PM me. Everyone is welcome, though not everyone's ideas will be accepted. If you'd like to join a thread already in play, also send a PM before simply jumping in all random-like. Chances are high that I'll let you in, but I'd rather not be surprised by a sudden interloper.

Current Thread
Eddy's Sweet Tooth


  • Make a friend
  • Get my first point
  • Become more tanky
  • Make another friend
  • Get a second point
  • Move faster

The Wall

Current Powers

  • Increased Skeletal Durability
  • Exoskeletal Arms
  • Boosted Bullet Threshold (Up to a .50 caliber handgun)
  • Ease of Working Out


  • Extremely Heavy Arms
  • Slowed Down (Knuckle Dragger)
  • Durability Limited to Bones
  • Visibly Warped Appearance


Past Threads
The After School Blues

Edit Log

Dia's durability threshold was increased to .50 caliber handguns as per this thread.


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