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Post by Charon on Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:17 pm

I thought that the idea was interesting, ranging from D-rank to A-rank as kind of a ranking of who is strong and who is weak. However, I don't really see any way that this has been implemented except told that NPC's are certain ranks. Would there be some way that when a thread is graded or once a character passes a certain power that they could move up in rank? I feel like it'd be helpful to get a vague idea of just how strong someone is.

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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:54 pm

The ranking system is an in-story system which is determined at a case-by-case level. The systems are otherwise entirely arbitrary, and thusly using a 'rank' system to tell someone how strong they are doesn't do the narrative style of the forum justice.

Especially since there is no systematic approach to gauge such a thing. Points won't work, because one person with 10 points could be a C-rank in power while another person with 6 points could be a solid B. Judging something like that after a thread doesn't do the system justice, as it's supposed to be a gauge of how reliably one can handle a certain level of threat, not a pat on the back for looking cool.

Furthermore, it wouldn't do the system justice to standardize it in the first place, because villains are not supposed to get Classes. Giving them ranks like the Superhero Foundation gives Heroes would glorify Villains as some sort of equal to them, which is a thing that the SF would not like to do.

Those are the reasons I didn't bother even making usergroups or a list of who is where in power.


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